Ryan Reynolds’ New Free-for-All Streaming Platform Has Only One Movie

Ryan Reynolds mint mobile plus feat.

Most of us are now familiar with all the digital streaming services in the market, thanks to the Novel Coronavirus. However, with time, more and more streaming platforms are popping up and major companies like Disney and Apple are trying to capture the market piece by piece. Now, these streaming platforms come with hundreds, nay thousands of movies and TV shows. However, popular actor, Ryan Reynolds’ new streaming service only offers one movie.

The Deadpool protagonist has always been a brand ambassador of the telecom, Mint Mobile. Now, the star has come up with his own digital streaming service dubbed “Mint Mobile+”. The announcement came via a tweet (below) from the actor recently in which he wrote, “Every tech company needs a streaming service. So… introducing Mint Mobile +. The world’s most affordable streaming service!”.

Now, although the announcement sounded pretty serious, the video that follows reveals the truth. The actor launched the new platform for free, but it contains only one movie. Yes, that’s right!

Going to the actual website, which looks exactly like Netflix’s website, you will find the 2003 Canadian heist film, “Foolproof” in all the boxes and categories. The film was directed by William Philips and guess who played the lead. Of course, Reynolds himself.

The website is filled with the film under hilariously named categories like “Original Originals”, “Kind of Originals” and “Unoriginal Originals”. However, in each of the categories and the boxes, the film has a different poster.

Ryan Reynolds mint mobile plus 1

You can click any of them to start the movie, and you can even take it to “Picture-in-Picture mode” for multitasking if that’s what you’re into.

So, by now you have already got that this is all a joke and the name, “Mint Mobile Plus” is likely mocking the current naming trend of streaming services. And with the state of the world right now, I don’t mind a digital joke like this one. So if you want to watch “Foolproof”, head to mintmobileplus.com.

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