Indians Are Losing Sleep Due to Streaming Services: Report

Indians Are Losing Sleep Due to Streaming Services
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With high-speed internet being competitively priced in India, streaming services have gained a huge audience and that is reflecting negatively on the health condition of Indians.

According to HealthifyMe, a mobile health and fitness app, sleep deprivation caused due to video-streaming services is the top-third reason that affects the physical well-being of people. Long working hours and junk food still remain the top reasons.

“Over 50% of our nutritionists highlighted sleep deprivation due to streaming services as one of the top three social trends that affected the physical well-being of their clients in 2019,” HealthifyMe told Quartz India. “Most of the clients binge-watched shows like Game of Thrones, Sacred Games, Friends, Family Man, and Made in Heaven. When it comes to sports, several binge-watched football, especially when the leagues were on.”

To arrive at this conclusion, the app conducted a survey where it asked 500 nutritionists and trainers “What made Indians unhealthy in 2019?” with the options being long working hours, easy access to packaged foods, sleep deprivation owing to streaming services, food delivery services, and long commute hours.

The respondents were allowed to choose multiple options. From the results, it is evident that long working hours are still the prime reason as it gained 81.7% responses. Packaged foods gained 53.7% responses and streaming services got 51.6% responses. Food delivery services and long commute hours got 44.7% and 43.2% of the responses respectively.

However, the report notes that Indians followed popular health and diet trends like the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. Some notable food items that gained the interest of Indians include chia seeds and green tea.

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