Russian Man Sues Apple for Allegedly Turning Him Gay


Apple gets sued for a plethora of reasons but this is the first time the Cupertino giant is being sued for manipulating the sexual orientation of an individual. Yes, you read that right. A Russian man has filed a lawsuit against Apple for turning him gay.

According to the lawsuit, the man claims that an iPhone cryptocurrency payments app notified that he received “69 GayCoins” with a note saying “Don’t judge until you try”. Upon reading this, it appears like he got intrigued and decided to try out same-sex relationships.

“I thought, in truth, how can I judge something without trying? I decided to try same-sex relationships. Now I have a boyfriend and I do not know how to explain this to my parents… my life has been changed for the worse and will never become normal again,” he wrote in a complaint.

In the lawsuit filed at a Moscow court, he is demanding RUB 1 million which roughly translates to 10 Lakhs in rupees. His lawyer Sapizhat Gusnieva says that the case is quite serious and her client is scared.

She even emphasized that Apple “has a responsibility for their programmes” even though all these happened in a third-party app. The suit got filed on September 20 and it will be up for hearing on October 17.

In other news of Apple getting sued, an app developer recently sued the company for patent infringement and antitrust violations with its Sign in with Apple feature.

It will be interesting to know what the court has to say regarding this unconventional case. So, what do you think should be the judgment? Tell us in the comments.

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