Reverse Email Lookup: How To Find Email Sender’s Identity And Location

Before we go ahead with the process of finding the identity and location of a person behind an email address, let’s define the term Reverse email look-up in simple words.

Reverse email look-up or Reverse email search lets you find out actual identity of a person, his location and many other details which you won’t be able to guess by just looking at the email id. However, if the person has entered fake information while signing up for the email account from which he has sent you the email, then you won’t be able to do anything.

In this post, I am sharing some of the best and the easiest ways to find email’s sender identity and location. So, let’s just begin.

Let’s say the email ID is (For the record, It’s my own email ID and I am using it to make the explanation simpler)

Now, you have received an email from this email id and sender’s name wasn’t mentioned anywhere and you thought of doing reverse email look up to find out who’s the person behind the email.

The first thing which you should do is to use Facebook because it’s the biggest social network with more than a billion registered users so, chances are very high that the sender also have a Facebook account.

Simply copy the email address and put in the Facebook search bar. If there is any account created from this email id, Facebook will show you the profile of the user.

Since, you have reached me just by following the  first step so, you don’t need to do anything but to go through my Facebook profile to know more about me but what if, I didn’t have an account on Facebook? Here’s what you should do in that case.

Use tools which are extensively built for reverse email search

Here are three best and free tools available for running a reverse email search EmailSherlock, Pipl and Spokeo. On these tools, you can search for a Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or even custom domain email id. Among the services mentioned here, EmailSherlock returns a lot more information than the other two. Emailsherlock has one more feature which makes it superior, It sends an email to the id on which you are doing reverse image search notifies him that someone is doing reverse email search on their id. In the email it also mentions the exact location of the person who’s searching more about that email id.


One noticeable tool which we didn’t mention yet is Rapportive. It is a service which works only with Gmail. It comes as a lightweight browser extension which you have to install in your browser and you are good to go.

After installing this extension when you open any email, It will automatically return the LinkedIn profile information of the sender of that email on the right hand side. So, if it doesn’t show anything then you could be sure that the sender doesn’t have an account on LinkedIn. Here’s how it looks like.


After following these steps, chances are high that you will find email sender’s identity and location because once you have traced any of their social media profile, you can easily find their location as well because it will be mentioned on their social media pages.

In case none of the tools work out for you, it can be assumed that the email id contains bogus information and it can’t be tracked because there is no chance that a person do not have an account on any of the social media profile and that too in 2015.

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In case you have any query, feel free to ask in comments below the post.

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  • Places like emailsherlock, pool and spokeo all require a CC before providing information requested. Are there any FREE reverse email sites out there?

  • Hi,
    I read your post, but following it to emailSherlock, I found out that the site is not free. It sent me to everify, which we know costs generally $19.99 just to look at an address! I just need to know if this guy is phishing, or if he really exists and really has a house to rent (the price posted was under-market, making it a little suspicious & now the listing has disappeared, although he wrote to me without a CL alias…). But another note: you suggested that if the person/ address doesn’t show up on social media then that person is obviously a fake. However, don’t you think that assumption is a bit insular? Plenty of seniors have no connection whatsoever to social media, and the only address look-up that returned a response indicates this person (whose presumed name & email I DO have) is an 86-year-old guy. Now what?

  • No It Is Address Of Google Server In California. Not Where The Person And His Computer Are Located? As In Town / City /State / Actual House Address. Police Do This With A Court Order For Scam Artist. The Internet Service Provider For The “Thief” Is What You Want. Need A Warrant / Court Order Man

  • When you do a reverse search on mailsherlock initially it shows email IP and address among other things. Do these refer to the email address owner or the ISP that provides it. Just want to know before I sign up. Thank you.

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