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For all the serious PlayStation gamers out there, this one’s for you. Finally, there’s a way to put all those gaming hours to good use. If you’ve been playing on your PlayStation for a while now, you must have accumulated a lot of PlayStation trophies, right? Well, thanks to the Sony Rewards Program, you can now start trading in new PSN trophies for money on your PSN account.

Sony has added a new section to their Rewards Program for redeeming your trophies for real money. The trophies earned on the PlayStation Network are divided into 3 categories – Silver, Gold, and Platinum; based upon their level of difficulty. These can also be received on the basis of in-game milestones. Now, thanks to the newly added section on the Sony Rewards Program, users can redeem these trophies in exchange for real money. While the idea does sound good, do note that it is not a lot of money that you get.

To begin with, the trophies will first have to be redeemed in exchange for the Reward Points. Once you’ve done that, you can redeem those points in exchange for real money. Here’s the breakdown of how many points you can actually earn via trophies:

  • 100 silver trophies for 100 points (one point per trophy)
  • 25 gold trophies for 250 points (10 points per trophy)
  • 10 platinum trophies for 1,000 points (100 points per trophy)

Sony Rewards PlayStation Trophies

Now, once you’ve accumulated 1,000 points, you can redeem it for a $10 PSN voucher. Just to put things into perspective, that is enough value for you to get an indie game. So while the payout might not be a lot, the fact that you get some effective return for all those hours of gameplay is really good.

Do note that in order to carry out this procedure, you must be signed up for the Sony Rewards Program, and have your PlayStation account linked to it. Also, the program is currently only available in the United States.

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