Realme Convertible Air Conditioners Launched on Flipkart; Starts at Rs 27,790

realme air conditioners ACs launched

It’s summertime and taking advantage of the same, Realme TechLife has forayed into the AC segment with the launch of new convertible air conditioners on Flipkart. Their convertible nature allows users to control the cooling capacity while saving energy. This new AC range from Realme also comes with features like Auto Cleaning, Blue Fin Technology, and more. Here are the details.

Realme Convertible ACs: Specs and Features

The new Realme convertible air conditioners support the Inverter Compressor tech for “faster, precise, and efficient cooling operations.” They are available in 1 ton and 1.5-ton capacities and their cooling capability can be adjusted based on the number of people in a room. The new Realme ACs can also cool your room with outside temperatures going as high as 55 degrees.

The AC range also comes with three cooling modes, namely dry, eco, and sleep modes. There’s support for the Auto Cleaning feature, which prevents moisture, dust, and mold. The Blue Fin technology acts as a protective cover for the coils to keep them away from water droplets, salt, and acid deposition.

Commenting on the launch, Madhav Sheth CEO – Realme India, said, “The launch of Realme Techlife Air Conditioners range strengthens our 1+5+T ecosystem even further, fulfilling the topical tech-lifestyle needs of users across the country. With the TechLife brand, we aim to create products that empower their lives with the latest technologies. Realme is always deeply attuned to the requirements of its fans and consumers, initiating deep-dive research and innovation to bring the perfect product that matches their lifestyles.

Apart from these interesting features, the new Realme TechLife ACs come with R32 Eco-friendly refrigerant and support stabilizer-free operations. They also follow the “silent operations” ideology for a seamless experience.

Price and Availability

The Realme TechLife convertible ACs start at Rs 27,790 and are now available to buy on Flipkart. Will you be interested in purchasing a Realme air conditioner? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Neha chopra says:

    I want to buy 3 pieces in this week only.

  • Akshaya Sambharia says:

    I am interested in buying. What’s meaning of convertible, is it copper condensor, warranty period etc



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