Realme Might be Working on 100W SuperDart Fast Charging

Realme X50 5G website
Image Courtesy: Xu Qi Chase (via Weibo)

OnePlus may have been more or less the harbinger of fast charging tech to smartphones with its Dash Charge (which was later renamed to Warp Charge), and Warp Charge 30 technologies, but over the last year or so, almost every brand has started investing heavily in fast charging technologies. The fastest we’ve seen so far has to be Oppo’s 65W SuperVOOC charging tech that charges the Oppo Reno Ace from 0 to 100 in around 30 minutes.

Now, according to a trademark filing from Realme, spotted by @stufflistings on Twitter, it appears that Realme may be working on its own fast charging technology called ‘SuperDart’.

While the trademark filing doesn’t give away anything other than the name for the technology, there’s a high chance Realme is planning on using this moniker for its own 65W fast charging tech, or even a 100W fast charging technology to rival Xiaomi’s 100W fast charging that’s rumoured to arrive with the Mi 10.

Either way, with fast charging becoming pretty much commonplace in smartphones these days, it’s great to see Realme throw its hat in the ring and compete against other major smartphone players in offering super fast charging in budget flagships.

We don’t know much about the rumoured SuperDart charging tech from Realme, but it’s likely the company will bee shipping this tech with its smartphones in 2020, so stay tuned because we’ll definitely keep an eye out for SuperDart making its way to smartphones in the coming year. Meanwhile, check out our ultimate fast charging battle 2019 on YouTube below:

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