PUBG: New State Celebrates 100th Day Anniversary with New Rewards; Details Here!

pubg new state mobile 100th day anniversary

Krafton has announced new rewards for players to celebrate the 100th day anniversary of PUBG: New State, ever since it was launched globally earlier last year. The celebration includes various rewards, a special Round Deathmatch event, and more. Here are the details to check out.

PUBG New State 100th Day Anniversary Celebrations

The 100th day anniversary event has already commenced and will go on until February 25. This will involve two Round Deathmatch events, which will involve 100 players who will get the chance to win rewards if they are able to complete the challenges.

The first challenge will lead to the selection of 50 players who are able to win the most RDM events. The second challenge will also select 50 players who belong to a clan and play the most Round Deathmatch events. The winners will be able to win rewards such as 10 Chicken Medals, 10 Royale Chest Tickets, and 10,000 BP.

These events have a few conditions too. It is revealed that the players will automatically enter the second challenge if they belong to or join a clan during the event period. They will be automatically restricted from playing the second challenge if they leave the clan during the event period. Any unfair practice followed by the players will lead to them being disqualified.

Additionally, there is another emotes event, which will also go on until February 25. For this,

  • Players to post a screenshot or video of their characters dancing with various emotes.
  • Once recorded, the screenshot or the video needs to be posted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with hashtags – #NewState100Day and #NEWSTATEMOBILE.
  • Following this, the details need to be submitted via this form.

The winners will get 100 chicken medals and will be announced on March 3rd. Krafton has also announced a surprise login event will take place from February 18 to February 20. In related news, Krafton recently announced a new PUBG New State update, which introduced the 4×4 RDM mode, new weapons, and more.

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