ProtonVPN Lands on Android With Free and Unlimited Access in Tow

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Want to unblock sites and access content on the Internet anonymously on your Android device? That too for free and without any data download caps? Well, you sure are asking for a lot, but fear not because ProtonVPN combines it all into one single package and has today made its debut for Android devices.

Developed by former CERN researchers and scientists who also created the ultra-secure email platform ProtonMail, ProtonVPN is obviously yet another tool that allows you to browse the web freely and anonymously. It enables you to bypass online censorship blocks while also laying emphasis on security by moving all traffic through encrypted channels.

There might be hundreds of VPN software already available on the Play Store but Proton’s VPN services outright stand apart from all existing competition. The most important differentiating factor, as the makers themselves, emphasize are:

“Unlike other free VPNs, the ProtonVPN does not show ads, install malware, or sell user data in order to monetize. The free service is instead funded by paid subscribers and subsidized by ProtonMail.”

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ProtonVPN has been available to people across the globe for quite some time now. Be it safely browsing the Internet on any popular platform, ProtonMail’s VPN service has been quite a boon. But, the company has now brought its services to Android via a standalone Android app because of the severe malware problem on the platform. Just this week researchers discovered another major malware that gives intruders great deal of access to data on compromised devices. In light of such threats, this app seems like the perfect move, which it describes in the official blog post as under:

“A core part of our vision is making privacy and security tools widely available to the general public, so anybody who wants better privacy protection, or improved online security can have it.”

ProtonVPN’s Android app is quite simple and user-friendly. Once you’ve installed the VPN app on your smartphone, all you need to do is power it up, create/ login an account, and then connected to one of the three country’s servers you get access to in the free tier. It also offers paid plans that come with extra features, higher speeds and access to more countries, but the free plan is obviously worth it.

So, if you’re looking for a completely private and secure connection, that doesn’t break the bank, then you should download ProtonVPN from Google Play Store right here.

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