Poparazzi app launched

Poparazzi Is a New Instagram-like App That Doesn’t Let You Post Selfies

Poparazzi app launched

Tired of Instagram getting cluttered with Stories, Reels, and what not? Does everyone seem to be projecting a fake life online? Well, A fresh photo-sharing app has surfaced last week and it didn’t take long for it to take the top spot on the App Store. And well, we are not surprised. Dubbed Poparazzi, the app is developed by a California-based startup TTYL, and it is essentially the opposite of Instagram.

On Poparazzi, there is no room for selfies! Also, the app does not include any photo-editing tool and filters as it wants users to share unfiltered real-life moments. Confused? Let me explain in detail.

The new photo-sharing platform is different from its competitors as it claims to create a space where there is no pressure to be “perfect”. As per the company’s official blog post, people’s real lives are made up of many not-so-perfect moments that are worthy of being captured and shared.

What Is It Like?

So, what’s different with Poparazzi? Well, as aforementioned, there is no room for any selfies on this app. On this platform, you are your friend’s “poparazzi” and they are yours. So, like celebrities have their own paparazzi, who follow them around and take their pictures, you friends can now do that for you and post your unfiltered photos on the app.

You can create your profile but once the profile is made, it is your friends who define it. So, your profile will be based on the photos that your friends have taken of you and tagged you on the platform. You cannot tag yourself in photos. Although the UI looks pretty similar to Instagram, there are a few changes here and there.

For instance, instead of the “Following” and “Followers” sections on your Instagram profile page, your Poparazzi profile page contains “Views” and “Reacts” sections. Moreover, it puts the camera tab at the bottom bar. Whereas on Instagram, you swipe right from your feed to open the camera and share a new post.

Poparazzi app launched

As you can see in the screenshots above, there are no options to edit an image before sharing it. So, no filters, stickers, or texts can be added to an image. But, the camera lets you hold the shutter button to capture a GIF.

The app also comes with some privacy options for users. Although you would not be able to post on your profile, you will have control over your profile. You can remove any photo from your profile that you don’t like. You can also control your privacy settings, which means only people who you approve can take photos of you.

In addition to the selfie ban, it also bars filters and follower count. The app also doesn’t allow cropping the photos, adding captions, or even editing your photos. This is as real as it gets!

How Does It Work?

The photos that you take are called “pops” and each profile gets a pop score that tracks how many photos other have taken of you. Poparazzi also does not allow captions or comments (which should promote a healthy social environment). You can, however, react to the pops.

The sign-up process is pretty simple, requiring basic information like your name, age, and phone number. You will also be able to take pictures of people who are not yet on this platform. This will create a profile with the tag “this profile is not yet claimed”, which the individual can claim once they sign up. You can also upload pictures from your phone’s library. Just make sure it isn’t a front-camera clicked photograph because it would go to waste. You won’t be able to tag anyone in it and it can never show up on your profile.


Poparazzi was recently launched and is only available for iOS users. However, despite being restricted to a single platform, the app has gained a lot of popularity. The company plans to release an Android version very soon. The app has caught the attention of Gen-Z and some are even calling it the start of a “new age” for social media.

The launch was so popular that the app crashed at a certain point. The hype around this new social media platform is real. So, if you want in on the hype and use an iOS device, you can get Poparazzi via the link attached below.

Download Poparazzi from the App Store

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