Pokemon GO Friend Codes: How to Make New Friends (2024)

In Short
  • Friend codes allow you to add other players to Pokemon GO.
  • Once added, you can share stickers and gifts with them, ask them to join you in raids, and even trade with them.
  • To use a friend code, you go to the add friends option under the friends tab and enter the code.

The ability to add friends through Pokemon GO friend codes is by far one of the best in the game. This lets fellow Pokemon GO trainers squad up and participate in Pokemon raids and spotlight hours together. However, even if you have the best codes, learning how to add Pokemon GO friend codes can be a task. Well, keep reading as we make it easier for you with our dedicated guide right here!

How to Use Pokemon GO Friend Codes

To use any Pokemon friend code you’ve received, you must reach level 10. Once you have reached level 10, the game opens up, allowing you to use the friend codes available. The Pokemon GO friend code is a 12-digit code that you must enter. Here’s how to use a Pokemon GO friend code in-game:

  • Tap the trainer icon at the bottom-left of the screen. This will open up a screen with your Pokemon buddy standing beside you.
  • On this screen, tap the Friends tab. Here, you can see all the friends you’ve added.
  • Tap the add friend button at the friend’s tab and simply enter the Pokemon GO friend code here.
  • Click on the icon to open your trainer window
  • Head to the friend's tab
  • Click on the add friend button to get to the window where you add the friends code in Pokemon GO
  • Add the friend code by this window

That is how simple it is to use any Pokemon GO friend code you find in the wild. Adding them generally allows you to befriend other players and sometimes nets rewards. You can also share your friend code with others using the same method. It is under the “Add Friend” option.

How to Find Your Friend Code in Pokemon GO

On the off chance you want to share your own Pokemon GO friend code, it’s fairly easy to do so. Right inside the “Add Friends” option, where you use a friend code, you’ll also find a 12-dight friend code. You can copy this and then share it with other Pokemon trainers, and they can later add you and invite you to the raids and trading.

You can find the friend code under the add friend tab

How to Get Pokemon GO Friend Codes

While we are shy and not sharing our Pokemon GO friend codes with you, there are a lot of ways to find some. Here are some of the best ways you can get Pokemon GO friend codes:

  • Check Pokemon subreddits: Various Pokemon subreddits are dedicated to sharing Pokemon GO friend codes. Some of the prominent ones are r/PokemonGoFriends and r/Pokemon GO Raids. Many Pokemon trainers flock to these subreddits to share friend codes, so be on the lookout.
  • Check Pokemon GO friend code websites: Besides subreddits, there exist a lot of dedicated Pokemon GO friend code websites. Many Pokemon GO trainers upload their friend codes for help.
  • Join Pokemon community day events: A rather unconventional method of getting a friend code, community day events always pop up worldwide. At these events, new Pokemon trainers flock to mingle and befriend others. So, head to one and get some friend codes together.

And that’s how you search for and add Pokemon GO friend codes. So, did you make any new friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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