There’s a Podcast that Puts You to Sleep with Tech Talks

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People are usually one of two kinds: the ‘sleep is for the weak’ kind — these people are the exact opposite of what I am, and the ‘sleep is for the week’ kind — in other words, me. There are also people who want to sleep, but usually can’t because their brain somehow seems to be in overdrive at night (also me). So if you are someone like me, you’ll be glad to know that there’s something that you might find helpful in making you fall asleep.

Goodnight Chrome is a podcast hosted on that has only one aim — making people fall asleep using a mixture of tech talks and absolute garbage. The idea behind the podcast is simple — every podcast starts with some tech-related discussion to engage the work-side of your brain, then slowly, the podcast switches to utter nonsense.

According to the podcast’s description on “Each episode begins with tech talk designed to engage the “let’s get some work done” side of your brain. Slowly over the course of each episode, I transition into straight nonsense designed to distract your brain while lulling you to sleep by the boring sound of my voice.”

There’s a Podcast that Puts You to Sleep with Tech Talks

The website has a warning, in block letters that reads “do not listen to this during the day.” A warning that I overlooked, and am now regretting because well, it sort of worked. I can’t be too sure because I’m usually half-asleep after a shoot anyway, but I think I’m a lot more sleepy now.

Anyway, if you’re having trouble sleeping you should definitely give Goodnight Chrome a try, and if that doesn’t help and you need something more powerful, how about you go through this article again? I’m sure this will make you sleep too.

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