Oppo Launches New 10,000mAh Power Bank with 20W Fast Charging

oppo 10000mah vooc flash charge power bank featured

Oppo has today launched a new power bank in India. The 10,000mAh VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank from Oppo comes with a bunch of cool features and fast charging, for a price of just Rs. 1,499.

The Oppo 10,000mAh VOOC Flash Charge power bank comes with two 5,000mAh battery units inside, and features a USB Type-A port alongside a USB Type-C port up front. The USB-C port here supports two way fast charging, so it can be used to charge smartphones, as well as the power bank itself with a USB-C cable. There’s also a physical button that, when pressed, lights up the LEDs on the power bank to show the amount of charge remaining.

The power bank also has a solid build, with an aluminium body to ensure it doesn’t break in case you drop it. It’s also safe from the inside, with Oppo claiming that the power bank features dual safety protection for the batteries, and a built-in smart chip that can automatically adjust power output when a phone or accessory is connected to the power bank for charging.

The Oppo 10,000mAh VOOC Flash Charge power bank is now available to purchase on all leading e-commerce websites for Rs. 1,499 so if you’ve been looking for a great power bank that can fast charge your phone with ease while also being light on the wallet, this is one you should definitely consider.

Buy the Oppo 10000mAh VOOC Flash Charge power bank from Amazon (Rs. 1,499)

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