OnePlus Teases New OnePlus 5T Variant with Sandstone Finish


OnePlus initially launched its flagship killer, the OnePlus 5T, in a single Midnight Black shade, and later added two new variants to the line-up viz. a white Star Wars edition and a Lava Red version which recently hit stores in China.

However, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer plans to unveil a new OnePlus 5T variant which might feature its famous sandstone finish on the rear panel and has already kicked off a campaign to create some hype around its upcoming launch.

OnePlus’ official YouTube channel recently posted a video titled “OnePlus – What’s in the Box?” which shows people putting their hand inside a white box with the OnePlus logo and describing what they feel.

Whatever object is kept inside the box (possibly a smartphone), it is described by numerous folks as something with a smooth finish with a sandy or brushed metallic texture. But what is more interesting is the fact that quite a few people likened the objects’ feel to the sandstone covers available for OnePlus devices, while others compared it with the Sandstone rear panel of the original OnePlus 1.

If you ask us, it’s quite obvious by now that OnePlus is gearing up to launch a new variant of the OnePlus 5T with a Sandstone finish to go with its sleek bezelless front panel. It should definitely make the phone a lot more grippy. And if you’ve already bought a OnePlus 5T, but want that finish, you can pick up one of the protective covers bearing the same sandstone material.

VIA Phonearena
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