OnePlus 6 Camera Shootout: Is It Better than OnePlus 5T, Google Pixel 2 and Galaxy S8?


OnePlus 6 is shaping up to be yet another flagship killer. With a minor hardware upgrade in camera specs, we decided to put the OnePlus 6 camera to the test and pit it against a bunch of top flagships, including its predecessor – the OnePlus 5T, Pixel 2, and Samsung Galaxy S8.

I know many of you might be confused about our choice of last year’s flagships, including the Pixel 2 and Galaxy S8, for this 2018 comparison. Well, it’s because all these phones are usually available at a discount, which puts them in the same price bracket as the new OnePlus 6. This is also why we decided not to use the Galaxy S9 (₹57,900) or the iPhone X (₹85,999) for this test against the OnePlus 6. So, now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let us take a look at the camera review and comparison.

In daylight, the OnePlus 6 camera performs quite well. The photos captured exhibit good color reproduction, are quite sharp and don’t miss out on details or highlights. It goes neck-to-neck with the Google Pixel 2, with the Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5T lugging behind.

In low-light, the device performs equally well and provides us with some well-illuminated and crisp photos. But, the ISO value of these photos is very high, in comparison to other phones, which is the reason it has a lot of noise. The image quality sometimes falls due to this very reason. Here’s our full camera review and comparison:

We have also pitted the OnePlus 6 against other flagships in portrait mode comparisons as well as video recording. And the results are interesting to say the least.

We can safely say that OnePlus 6 surely brings along a better set of cameras than its predecessor, easily beating the OnePlus 5T out of the water in most situations. But it’s the comparisons against last year’s Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel 2, which make for interesting watch.

And yes, over the next few weeks, we will have more new phones in the market to take on the OnePlus 6. Let us know which ones you think would make a worthy competitor in our next camera shootout. And if you have indeed bought the OnePlus 6, let us know your mini camera review for the same.

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  • Devesh says:

    The refresh cycle in itself has become disappointing. It’s frustrating for old users. The honeymoon period gets over too soon. If it’s one plus either you get it within a week or wait for the next one and this goes on. A yearly refresh cycle gives a lot of time to plan the device. Regarding camera I’m sure this thing can’t beat even the first gen pixel in terms of overall front and rear camera consistency. Forget about besting pixel 2. The Google flagships are indestructible even if dxo Mark rates one plus higher in near future. They can copy only so much.
    But then Snapdragon 845 with near stock Android at this price remains a catch!

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