One of the biggest improvements coming with the OnePlus 5T has to do with its cameras. On the surface, OnePlus 5T seems to sport the same dual-camera sensor, however, that’s not the case. Apart from the primary 16 MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture, the OnePlus 5T incorporates a new 20 MP secondary sensor with f/1.7 aperture instead of the telephoto lens present in the OnePlus 5. OnePlus has gone this route to solve one major camera problem which plagued its previous devices including the OnePlus 5. The issue was the smartphone’s low-light performance as the OnePlus 5’s camera could never take a single good shot under low-lighting conditions.

Now, according to OnePlus, the 5T is able to take better low-light shots. Whenever the ambient lighting falls below 10 lux, the smartphone intelligently switches to the secondary sensor to capture as much light as possible, resulting in far better low-light shots. OnePlus has shared some great low-light shots taken with the OnePlus 5T which can be seen below.

OnePlus 5t Shot 2

All that is good, however, I had a major concern with this development. Since there’s no telephoto lens now, is the portrait mode no more a feature of OnePlus 5T? Well, according to OnePlus, the portrait mode is here to stay. However, they are using a different technology than the one which they used with the telephoto lens. Here’s what OnePlus said about the portrait mode,

Our dual camera system uses two sensors to put the focus on the face you’re capturing while blurring the background for a gentle, yet powerful effect.

OnePlus 5t Shot 5

OnePlus 5t Shot 6 OnePlus 5t Shot 5

Now, we have the OnePlus 5T in our house, and we are going to test the cameras rigorously before we give our final verdict, but seeing the shots that OnePlus has shared and the few shots we took in the small amount of time since we had it, the future does look promising.