NYT Strands Hints, Spangram, and Answers for June 9, 2024

The Strands today is more than just a puzzle. It’s a reminder that there’s a lot going into trying to grow and nurture something. While the theme may not be the most ridiculously complex, the puzzle brought a decent amount of challenge. Anyway, if you want the help, do take a look at the hints and answers for the June 9 NYT Strands that I’ve posted down below!

What is the Theme for Today’s NYT Strands?

As revealed by the New York Times, the theme for today’s Strands is “Way to grow!”.

June 9 NYT Strands Theme

Spangram Hint for Today’s Strands

Spoiler Warning #1 Even though we try our best to be subtle, the hints below might partially spoil the experience. You’ve been warned.

Every Strands game has that one Spangram that you need to decipher and today’s was no exception. The hint for today’s Spangram is – “A nursery of flowers”.

Theme Words Hints for Today’s Strands

If you have figured out the Spangram from the above hint, figuring out the theme words will be easy. However, I don’t want to ruin it for you. Instead, here are three theme word hints that may help you:

  • Hint #1: A language any living thing understands
  • Hint #2: Soil can also be called___

Spoiler Warning #2 The next sections reveal the answers for today’s NYT Strands. So, I’d recommend not scrolling further if you are still solving the puzzle. However, if you are stuck, I suggest scrolling a wee bit to see the Spangram answer.

Spangram Answer for NYT Strands on June 9

The Spangram for today’s NYT Strands puzzle is GARDEN, and it runs from left to right in the letters grid.

Apart from the Spangram, you need to find 7 theme words in today’s puzzle. However, if you are having a tough time getting through the Strands, check out some tips and tricks in my guide on how to play NYT Strands.

Anyway, with that being said, let’s go to the next section. However, proceed only if you are ready to check out the theme words.

List of Theme Words for NYT Strands on June 9

If you have scrolled this far, you are probably ready to see the answers. So, let’s take a look at today’s theme words in Strands:

  • LOVE
June 9 NYT Strands Solved

I quickly found WATER, SEEDS, and SUNLIGHT in quick succession. However, for some strange reason, I had trouble finding the other words. After a bit of struggle, I found SPACE on the bottom right, and EARTH, right beside it. GARDEN turned out to be the Spangram for the day.

Right above the Spangram at the rightmost column, I found LOVE. I had a lot of trouble with the remaining grids. This was one big word, and I had no idea what it was. After an insane amount of trying to make random words, I came across protection, and facepalmed super hard. Anyway, that ended my Strands for the day.

Didn’t have to use any hints, so we’re back on the streak. What about you though? On a scale of 1-10, how difficult was the Strands today for you? Do cry your heart out in the comments down below!

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