NYT Connections Hints and Answers for November 30, 2023

There are easy days, and then there are amazing days. Today was the latter. If you want to have the same experience with NYT Connections, then you’re in luck. Join us as we slowly unravel all the hints, categories, and answers for NYT Connections for November 30. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Hint for Today’s Connections Themes

We start by letting you on with just a few subtle hints for the Connections themes today. Check them out below and see if you can guess any of them.

  • Yellow Category – Introverts do this to people
  • Green Category – Films by an amazing director
  • Blue Category – Every hero needs an aide
  • Purple Category – A word follows all of these

Additional Hint: Psycho was an amazing movie

We wish we could go into more detail here, but these hints are the best we can share. They are all related to the categories for the puzzle, so think long and hard before you scroll down below to see the exact category names. However, if you still can’t find the category names, try these tricks to solve NYT Connections for some more help.

Spoiler Warning #1

While this section included hints for the categories, the next section names them directly. Only scroll down if you want them.

Today’s Connections Category Names

If you still can’t figure out the NYT Connections category names, then keep reading for more help.

  • Yellow – AVOID
  • Blue – SIDEKICKS
  • Purple – _ _ _ CHEESE

We hope you can guess the words under each category now. However, If you still cannot and need more help, keep reading.

Spoiler Warning #2 The next section includes the answer for today’s puzzle; you will see all the answers in their categories. This is your last chance to do it yourself.

Connections Answer for November 30

Are you still stuck with the puzzle? In that case, the answers to today’s Connections are:

  • AVOID – Dodge, Duck, Escape, Skirt
  • HITCHCOCK MOVIES – Birds, Notorious, Rebecca, Rope
  • SIDEKICKS – Goose, Hobbes, Robin, Watson
  • _ _ _ CHEESE – Cottage, Cream, Say, String
NYT Connections Hints and Answers for November 30, 2023

Today was an exceptional day when it came to solving NYT Connections. As you can see yourself, I had amazing luck and got the Purple category almost immediately. I was either very skilled today or the category was very easy.

Since I am an introvert myself, it was very easy to identify the words included in the Yellow category, so I got that easily, too. The Blue category had initially stumped me because I thought Donald Duck would also be a sidekick. However, I then got my sidekicks together and got it, too.

With only four words left in the puzzle, I gathered all of them up, got the Green category, which was supposed to be easy, and had my Connections answer for November 30.

NYT Connections Past Answers

We hope the answers above helped you solve the NYT Connections puzzle for today. However, if you stumbled here by accident, there’s a chance you might be looking for answers to previous puzzles.

Well, for such times and more, we have you covered. Feel free to go through our list of guides to NYT Connections for the last three days for all the help you need.

What about you? How was your experience with today’s puzzle? Where did you get stuck if you did? Let us know in the comments below.

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