New Mass Effect Game Teased During N7 Day 2023

next mass effect game teasers

The Mass Effect series by Bioware is one of the few games that has amassed a long-standing legacy. Earlier, it spawned a mini-franchise of books, comic books, and movies. And while those helped flesh out the science-fiction universe, the first three games have managed to stay evergreen. Naturally, the fanbase has yearned for a new entry in the series after Andromeda. However, outside of the initial tease, we have not received substantial updates from the developer. But just when things were silent, Bioware decided to tease the upcoming Mass Effect game fashionably on N7 Day.

Bioware Releases Teasers for New Mass Effect Game

Every year, Bioware and the Mass Effect community celebrate the franchise in November. Called “N7 Day,” it is organized on the 7th of November, and fans share their work with the community as a thank-you to the franchise. And similarly, Bioware also shares something or the other about the franchise at this date. Why on the seventh of November? N7 is a code for people with the highest level of proficiency in the System Alliance Military in Mass Effect. Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the first three titles, had this ranking. Eventually, this became synonymous with the series as a whole.

Hence, this year, Bioware celebrated N7 Day by sharing the first proper glimpse at what seems to be the upcoming Mass Effect project. It started initially through certain encoded teasers that shared brief glimpses of a person walking. The first video was named Epsilon. Thirty minutes later, they dropped another teaser, giving us a clearer glimpse at the brand-new suit. They called this video Defiance.

Finally, we received another video an hour and thirty minutes later, which seemed like a conclusion to these videos. They called it Nebula. When you stitch these three videos together, you can watch this teaser video, which Bioware eventually posted on YouTube.

The video shows an individual wearing a brand-new N7 suit walking across a hallway. A jacket and suit that will certainly make cosplayers delighted with its design. We also get a brief look at a brand-new gun and the helmet that the individual sports.

Outside of that, we didn’t get anything substantial around the upcoming Mass Effect game; unless the keen-eyed fans of the series dissect this video and track down something new. Additionally, during the original tease, Andromeda gets mentioned within the following text:




This points to the fact that the new Mass Effect title might be a continuation of the Andromeda storyline. Maybe a new team will try tracking down this distress signal from Andromeda. Or they are tying the original story from the trilogy to Andromeda. Nevertheless, this is the first in-engine teaser we’ve received on the new Mass Effect game by Bioware.

The first tease was in 2020, through a trailer called “Mass Effect Will Continue.” It shows what seemed to be Liari T’Soni finding a remnant of an N7 armor on a snowy planet.

We then received an official artwork during the N7 Day 2021 from Bioware, giving us an indication of what to expect from the new Mass Effect. We saw four individuals standing on a rocky planet, with a fifth person at a distance. We also had a first look at a new spaceship.

Then, during the N7 day 2022, we received another teaser from Bioware for the New Mass Effect, where we received some mysterious transmission from what seemed like Liara T’Soni over an animated image of a cruiser spaceship. They originally shared it as garbled-up audio, which the community decoded. And finally, we are here celebrating N7 Day 2023.

So, are you excited about the upcoming Mass Effect game? What are your expectations from the game? Do you want it to continue the original trilogy or a sequel to Andromeda? Let us know in the comments below.

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