Google Launches 5 New Experimental Digital Wellbeing Apps

Google Digital Wellbeing Experimental apps

Google introduced Digital Wellbeing tools last year with Android 9 Pie, with new features and optimizations seen in the recently launched Android 10 update. However, it appears like Google is focused on further improving Digital Wellbeing and help more users curb smartphone addiction.

The company has been experimenting with a ton of ideas as part of the ongoing Digital Wellbeing mission and well, we have today been introduced to 5 new Android apps that should help minimize distractions and keep you away from your phone. so, let’s take a quick look at each of these apps:

New Digital Wellbeing Apps

1. Unlock Clock

The first among these experimental apps is called Unlock Clock and it is a live wallpaper app that shows you the number of times you have unlocked your device throughout the day right on your homescreen. It may look weird at first sight, but it’s possibly the best way to keep yourself in check.

Image Courtesy: Digital Wellbeing Experiments

A higher number will push you to check your smartphone less often and it will surely be rewarding to see the number go down.

Download Unlock Clock from Play Store (Free)

2. Desert Island

True to its name, Desert Island is a digital wellbeing app designed to give you access to only your most essential apps. It will replace your current launcher and display just the apps that are important to you such as the dialer, notes app, camera, maps, and other apps that won’t consume a ton of your time or distract you.

My favorite thing about Desert Island is the fact that you can assess how you performed after every 24 hours and whether you open apps other than the essential ones. You can then include a new app or take one out from the list, sticking to the bare minimum, thus, further reducing addiction.

Download from Google Play Store (Free)

3. We Flip

This is probably my favorite experimental app among the lot and it’s going to be really useful when you are out with a group of friends. I’m guilty of checking my phone often, however, We Flip is designed to pair everyone’s phone in the group (all need to have it installed) and then track who looks at the phone in the middle of the conversation.

As can be seen in the video above, everyone in the group will have to flip a switch (the reason for this app’s name) to begin tracking. You can take a peek at the stats for each session once it comes to end, rebuking your friend accountable for being distracted.

Download from Google Play Store (Free)

4. Post Box

Post Box is another useful digital wellbeing app that should help you reduce distractions throughout the day. It will stockpile the notifications instead of letting them show up as they come in, disseminating them in an organized way up to 4 times each day. So, you won’t be looking at your phone all day – every time it vibrates, which is just great. The video attached below better explains the working of Post Box:

Download Post Box from Play Store (Free)

5. Morph

Finally, we have Morph, which also true to its name is designed to adapt to what you’re doing on your smartphone and serve you the right app at the right time. Based on your location and time of the day, Morph will show you what’s important for you at that time. You can check out the video below to understand how it works:

Download Morph from Play Store (Free)

Apart from the aforementioned five apps, Google has made another experimental app called “Paper Phone” available to Android users today. It helps you curb smartphone addiction by giving you the option to replace your device with a paper booklet with the essential information that you may need throughout the day. You can read more about Paper Phone right here.

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