New Dating App Brings Six-Way Swiping to Find Appropriate Matches

Curius dating app feat.

Since the popularity of dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid, swiping to find a date has become a kind of a norm in the dating scene. We saw companies trying to change the traditional way these apps work by introducing new ways to connect. Now, a new app aims to change the “swiping” tradition of dating apps by allowing users to swipe in multiple directions.

The yet-to-be-released dating app, Curius brings a whole new UI for users looking for partners online. Instead of just swiping left or right, Curius users can swipe in multiple directions (six, to be precise) to let others know about their intentions.

Swipe Your Heart Out

The company is calling this “Mindful Swiping” and it is a unique patent-pending mechanism that will be integrated into “Curius”. Now, with “Mindful Swiping”, a user can swipe a profile in the app in six directions, each direction representing an intention of the user.

Unlike in traditional dating apps, where the user can only accept or reject a profile, Curius users can let their potential partners know about their intentions. For instance, if you are looking for a casual date or hangout, you can let the other user know with a swipe in a specific direction, or if you are looking for a serious relationship, you can let them know with a swipe in a different direction.

This method aims to reduce the number of false matches and save a lot of time for users. As the intentions of a user are out in the open even before they match with someone helps to increase transparency between users and in turn, find appropriate matches.

The app is to come to the market on June 10. However, you can check out a pre-launch beta version of the app, if you’re using an iOS device. iOS users can also pre-book the app in the App Store. For Android users, you can go to their official website and register for a “notify me” alert for the app.

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  • Tom Mcquade says:

    Great idea. Love the fact that I can see intentions of others before even swiping them!

  • Trash Panda says:

    Sweeeeeeeeeet another app to get zero matches on!

  • Ethan says:

    It’s a nice thought, but it doesn’t resolve the fact that we live in a moderate-context culture that penalizes honesty as “rude”. The main reason no one can be that straightforward with their intention is not technical in nature.

  • Tom mantovani says:

    I am only interested in American woman in the USA.

  • John Otoo says:

    Good innovation, thanks to the inventor of the app.

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