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This New Dating App Completely Change the Online Dating Game

Venchur feat

Finding dates using apps like Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid has become a norm in the dating scenario. All of these apps follow the same concept with some minor modifications. However, a new player in the market is aiming to change the same old concept of swiping left or right and finding “matches”. Venchur is that new kid in the block that ditches all the traditional system of online dating.

Creator Nick Poninski built Venchur not to find “matches”, but to find actual dates. After analysing that an average person spends almost 80 minutes a day to get four dates, the team of developers went on to create a platform that will change the game of online dating.

Go Blind or Go Home…

In Venchur, there is no space to give any picture of yourself and neither you can see a picture of your potential date. Instead, you will be able to create a virtual avatar of yourself using the in-app tools. You can choose how your eyes look, how your beard looks and choose the shape and complexion of your face. It is much like designing Apple’s Memoji!

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Now, I hear you asking “how will I know how the other person will look like then?”. Well, there is a space to describe yourself in brief and other than that you will not be able to provide any additional information.

This is done by Poninski as he thinks that traditional dating apps create much bigger problems by giving users the option to provide pictures. This is because it gives the user the scope to catfish by editing the pictures that are provided in the platform.

“Lots of different factors change how someone looks in pictures so although a photo is useful it isn’t a perfect alternative to meeting in person.”, says the creator.

No Personal Messaging Too?

Now, when you find someone interesting, you cannot even send a personal message to them. Instead, you can send a request by providing simple details like where to meet, when to meet and for how long will the date last. If the person rejects the request, there is no way to get back to him/her and if he/she accepts it, congratulations, you’ve got a date!

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Now, another issue that may pose as a barrier would be – how will you know that the person you are going out with is not a creep or a weirdo? Well, according to the creator, no one can know how the other person will be like unless they meet in person. So, if anyone is a creep or even a secret serial killer, they can use other dating apps too to target individuals. Well, you cannot argue with that statement now, can you?

The creator thinks that this new way of dating will work just like dating works in real life. Nick says, “We feel it’s likely that most dates won’t work out. But that’s true in real life too so you’re not actually losing anything really.”

Well, if you are brave enough to experiment with your dating situation, you might as well get the app. Wait till April and get it from here. Also, do let us know about your experience in the comments below.


  1. The new app magnett™️ is the solution to all the problems mentioned in the comment section!

  2. The potential problem here is ppl can lie about what they look like & wtv else. I don’t have time to waste on meeting ugly ass guys iM not interested in. Also, age is an issue. i look younger than my age, but no one will know that with this app. It’s also more dangerous for women. i don’t want to meet up with a rapist or predator.

  3. Looking forward to this new app for dating I find on other sites I have been on. People judge you by the photos. I think that is wrong. People look so much different in real life

  4. As a woman in particular, I have used the selfie pose as a security measure to make sure he’s real…if he doesn’t comply then he’s a fake..!!! How can I do that with this new site if we can’t send messages before meeting?

  5. Simply wow, this app will definitely become a game changer in dating apps. They took the real issues and made a perfect solution. I must say these guys are very smart. I used many datings for so long but never got a single date. Lets see if this app works for me or not but i should really appreciate the concept which is amazing..

  6. Sounds I interesting, I haven’t been on a dating site in long time..Maybe will try this, will.think about it.????

  7. gargantuan failure…. doesn’t fill our minds design to see what you get… especially for men. If you just want to meet people, you can do that anywhere… for someone to become someone special in you’re life I strongly doubt that many will find it this way! Besides, most people have a budget, who is going to spend money travelling out of your area to meet a figurine? Just my take. I see this as more of an app to make the creature rich. His app requires very little algorithms, memory, bandwidth.
    Pain and simple, try to get many men to sign up for this one… good luck!

  8. Sounds like someone found a new way to waste even more time and money trudging to dates where there is even less chance of finding a compatible mate. This guy has rocks in his head if he thinks this stupid idea has a chance in hell of succeeding. If you really want to eliminate catfishing, require one ohoto from a camara with a time stamp, at least one clear full length bidy ohoto and eliminate/delete all snapchat type filters.

  9. It’s a nice concept but it still won’t do any good. The real reason why none of these dating apps work is because none of the women ever respond. Regardless of what the females claim to be looking for in their dating profiles, not a single one of them has the courtesy or the decency of acknowledging any of the good guys who show interest. They’re all too shallow, superficial, and conceited. That’s the real reason why these dating sites never work.

    1. Oh, nonsense. We reply to guys we’re interested in, just like men do, which is pretty self-explanatory — why would we ignore men we actually want to date? We wouldn’t get the dates we want that way.

      What you mean is that women don’t usually reply *to you*. Well, yeah; that means the women you’re messaging are not interested in you. I’m sure that’s frustrating, just as it is for everyone — of any gender — when they can’t attract the people who attract them. But that’s not a universal problem with women inexplicably refusing to respond to men on dating sites; it’s a specific problem you’re having with attracting the women you like.

      Let’s get it straight: first of all, nobody owes you a date, or a reply. Second, anyone who talks about women the way you just did isn’t a “good guy,” he’s a sexist ass and I don’t wonder that women would avoid him. And third, when a lot of different people who aren’t in communication with each other all react to you in the same way, it’s not some kind of conspiracy. The only common factor is YOU.

  10. Your new app sucks ibdont wont no stuped avatire of me or my date u get ur shit togher man thisant the old days its a new werld and man ite not Beedom ite be like beestuped sorry but your app blows

  11. Won’t work at all. People want to see photos. No one will go on a date without seeing a photo of the person because attraction is Paramount.

  12. Full of scammers and fake profiles and it’s not free you have to pay I was on it my self but left over safety reasons so lads I would thing about it not to try this site because it get you in to trouble such as been blackmailed don’t say you weren’t warned

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