Netflix Will Start Charging Extra for the “Extra Member” in Early 2023

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Netflix is moving swiftly to give shape to its plans for increasing its lost user base. The OTT platform recently introduced an ad-supported affordable plan and the ability to transfer Profiles. And now, it’s time for some word on its add-on option, which it began testing earlier this year. The feature is expected to roll out soon. Have a look at the details.

Netflix’s Aim to Curb Password-Sharing Shaping Up!

In its recent quarterly earnings report, Netflix revealed that it will start rolling out the ability to create sub-accounts in early 2023. This will be a way for the platform to monetize the long-running ritual of password-sharing, which by the way, Netflix totally opposes.

This new feature will allow users to add “extra members” to their Profiles by paying a little extra. This add-on option entered the test phase this March. It was initially available in Chile (costing 2,380 CLP), Costa Rica (2.99 USD), and Peru (7.9 PEN) and allowed people to add up to two extra accounts. These sub-accounts will have their own recommendations, usernames, and passwords.

However, there’s no word on the price of the add-on option and we don’t know if it will be available in all regions next year. This option is expected to cost much cheaper than the Netflix plans, making it appear like a decent option to go for.

To recall, the Profile Transfer feature was also in testing at the same time. It is now available for all globally, allowing users to easily transfer the My List, recommendations, and more to another account. It’s another attempt to have more people pay for their Netflix account instead of sharing others’. Netflix expects the feature to become popular in “countries with our lower-priced ad-supported plan.”

In related news, Netflix’s ad-supported plan roll out in the US and 11 more countries on November 3. It costs $6.99 a month and supports HD-quality content. There’s no word when it will be available in India.

Netflix is gradually introducing new ways to increase more subscribers but only time will tell if these efforts will pay off. Do share your thoughts on the add-on option, which is said to go live for all soon, in the comments below.

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  • MKC says:

    I have been a loyal member to netflix for many years ie pre streaming. There are now enough services that I can use and not miss netflix should I choose to drop my acct. So time will tell if it is better for me to drop netflix.

  • Dawn adair says:

    I need to understand one ting I have three kids so they will each have to pay for own subscription my daughter is only three and my son is 16 and the 18 year old am I understanding this right

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