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If you live in a gated society, you have probably heard of the app, MyGate. If you haven’t, today, I am going to tell you all about MyGate, because it is the ultimate app for gated societies and apartment complexes. For the uninitiated, MyGate is India’s No.1 Security and Community Management App that makes communities secure while also bringing convenience to its residents. In this article, I will talk about MyGate, its features, and everything else. But first, let’s start with why do we need the MyGate app?

Why Do We Need MyGate?

If you ask me, MyGate is an app that every gated community needs. The biggest reason for this is security. Modern-day societies and gated-communities still have outdated security methods with good old security guards, register-based entries, and analog telecom. So it’s hard to keep track of who is entering and leaving your community, especially for the residents. Also, while security guards probably try their best on the job, their one mistake could result in something catastrophic. That’s where MyGate comes in.

I live in a gated society that uses MyGate. That means I am well informed about everything on my phone with the MyGate app. Beyond security, it provides all the functionalities and capabilities that a resident living in a gated society needs for a great living experience. But before we get into extra features, let’s talk more about security.

Secure Living with MyGate

The biggest highlight of MyGate is verified and validated entry and exit so that absolutely no one can enter the society without your approval or passcode.

For example, daily visitors like a maid, cook, driver, milkman, newspaper boy, laundry person, car cleaner, etc., get a unique passcode-based entry, so only the right person can come in. The same also applies to all society maintenance staff like gardeners, sweepers, electricians, plumbers, and other workers.

Maid Notification

When it comes to infrequent visitors like delivery people or guests, you get a notification to allow or deny entry. For deliveries, there is an option to “Leave at Gate” as well. This is an invaluable feature for circumstances when either the resident is away from home or there are old parents or kids at home.


When it comes to security of kids, there’s a “Kids Checkout” feature, which makes sure kids cannot exit the gate without the parent’s permission.

Kid's Checkout

For guests coming over, a resident can also send a unique passcode in advance to the guests, so they can enter the society without any hassles or wasting time at the gate. Even the deliveries can be pre-approved, so the resident is not disturbed when the delivery person comes to the gate. With MyGate, you are in complete control of allowing or denying access to your home.


You can also pre-approve deliveries for things like food ordering apps as well as couriers. This way, you don’t have to take calls on the intercom every time there’s a delivery. You can allow a delivery guy once or frequently and also choose from the different delivery companies. Almost every popular service provider we use is listed on this app.

Pre Approved DeliveryAlong with the fact that you can approve or deny entries, the app also tells you when a particular person has left the society. This way, you have an idea when your house help, delivery people, guests, etc., enter or leave the society.

COVID Management with MyGate

In addition to security, MyGate also has COVID protection features, perfect for the new normal. It shows you the health meter of the people entering your society, and your society’s committee can mark flats where residents are in quarantine. Once the flats are marked, no visitor of any kind will be allowed to enter the house till the time it is marked as quarantine. This helps stop community spread to a great extent.

Smart Community Living with MyGate

Now let’s move on to convenience or community management features – the most interesting one is Local Services. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can get in touch with a driver, a housemaid, a milkman, a car cleaner, or even a dog walker through this option here. You can check out their ratings shared by other residents, their available free slots and then, get in touch with them directly. This feature is especially useful when new residents move into the society. It helps them in settling down and get easy access to local service providers.

MyGate Local Services

That’s not all, the app lets you pay maintenance bills, there’s a Helpdesk to raise Complaints, there’s a Notice Board, Amenities Booking and there’s Communications feature where you can start a discussion, participate in a poll, etc., with other residents of the society.


Every Gated Community Needs MyGate

Overall, MyGate is a super useful community management app that I think is a must-have. Ever since I have started using it, my gated community living experience has become a lot easier. I can keep track of people who come to my house and don’t have to answer calls on the intercom. MyGate also helps in following the COVID protocols, and it lets me get in touch with other people and services more easily. Thanks to MyGate, I am more connected not only with my community but also with my neighbourhood. So yes, as I said, MyGate is the ultimate app for gated communities.

To conclude things, MyGate is set up in more than 15000 societies across India, and more than 2.5 million homes are using it. If you live in a gated society, I think you should get it set up.

MyGate is the most awarded Community Management App in India

MyGate Award

Visit or get in touch with them on their toll-free number 1800-123-2084 and book a free demo. You can also refer your society and get a referral bonus. Plus, MyGate has some exciting offers for your society, so yes, connect with them and get your society on MyGate.

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