All My Hero Academia Arcs in Order

If you are a massive fan of the superhero genre, My Hero Academia is the perfect shonen anime for you to binge-watch. The MHA manga and anime have captivated several fans with their compelling band of superheroes for over ten years. As the series inches closer towards its finale, I believe this is the right time for viewers to embark on this magnificent adventure. If you need help in this journey, we have listed all the My Hero Academia arcs in order so you can experience Deku and his One for All powers with might.

My Hero Academia Arcs List (2024)

Deku in My Hero Academia anime.
Image Courtesy: My Hero Academia by Studio Bones (X/@MHAOfficial)

Similar to the One Piece arcs list, the My Hero Academia series features sagas with multiple arcs to tell the story of our beloved superheroes, starting from their induction into the U.A High School, a special school for those with quirks. So, there are three sagas in total, each with several arcs, and you can find the arcs list with manga chapter numbers and anime episode numbers below.

U.A. Beginnings Saga

Arc TitleManga
Chapters No.
Episodes No.
Entrance Exam Arc1-41-4
Quirk Apprehension Test Arc5-75-6
Battle Trial Arc8-116-8
U.S.J. Arc12-219-13
(end of season 1)
U.A. Sports Festival Arc22-4414-25
Vs. Hero Killer Arc45-5926-33
Final Exams Arc60-6934-38
(end of season 2)
Forest Training Camp Arc70-8339-45
Hideout Raid Arc84-9746-50
Total: 9 arcs97 chapters50 episodes
Last Updated on May 6, 2024

Rise of Villains Saga

Arc TitleManga
Chapters No.
Episodes No.
Provisional Hero License Exam Arc98-12151-62
Shie Hassaikai Arc122-16263-78
(end of season 3 in episode 63)
Remedial Course Arc163-16879-80
U.A. School Festival Arc169-18381-86
Pro Hero Arc184-19387-90
(end of season 4 in episode 88)
Joint Training Arc194-21791-100
Meta Liberation Army Arc218-240100 & 108-112
Endeavor Agency Arc241-252101-106
Paranormal Liberation War Arc253-306107 & 113-131
(end of season 5 in episode 113)
Total: 9 arcs208 chapters80 episodes
Last Updated on May 6, 2024

Final Act Saga

Arc TitleManga
Chapters No.
Episodes No.
Dark Hero Arc307-328132-138
(end of season 6)
Star and Stripe Arc329-334139-ongoing
U.A. Traitor Arc335-342TBD
Final War Arc343-ongoingTBD
Total: 4 arcsTBDTBD
Last Updated on May 6, 2024

Having looked through the list of arcs, you may be wondering where you can begin your superhero journey with My Hero Academia. You can stream MHA from the following platforms – Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Disney+ and Hulu.

Moreover, if you are someone who prefers the original source material, then you can read the MHA manga on the following services: Viz Media’s Shonen Jump and Shueisha’s Manga Plus. The MHA series is a fantastic shonen animanga series, and I heartily recommend it to everyone.

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