Gamer’s Mother Threw Away His Entire Games Collection Worth $500,000

Game collection soled by mother feat.

What is it with the year 2020 and gaming mishaps? Earlier, we saw a man spend his and his fiancee’s entire savings to build his own super-expensive gaming setup. Then, some PlayStation 5s were stolen by Amazon delivery boys. Now, according to recent reports, the mother of a New Yorker threw away his entire games collection which was apparently worth over $500,000.

This sad story comes from a man working in a gaming store in New York. According to his now-deleted tweets, he was an avid gamer himself and also a collector of rare games and gaming consoles. However, after moving out of his old house, the man kept his entire collection of games in there.

The gamer claims that there were over 500 games in his collection, and most sadly, half of them weren’t even unboxed. He also mentioned that when he last checked his collection, two years back, the total value of the games was “well over $500,000.”

Unfortunately, his mother apparently had no idea about the worth of all the games in the collection. As a result, she threw them all away as part of a clean-up of the house. Well, if only the man told her about the massive worth of his collection.

Moreover, the gamer noted that apart from his huge collection of games, his mother also threw out his gaming consoles, which included some rare consoles from previous years like the Atari systems, Super Famicom, and the very rare NeoGeo AES. The blue man also wrote that he has lost “basically every system and game” that were at his parents’ house.

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  • Mr. Man says:

    This act would likely end up provoking a lawsuit against the mother if it were mine. Either that or recompense of the value of the games. Even that doesn’t solve the issue as Some of these games and systems really are priceless. Since they are virtually unattainable now. HOLY F**k!!!! Not only that, he would have to spend possibly years searching to regain that collection. I think I would be physically ill If this happened to me. And I have nowhere near what this guy had. A garage sale would have been more appropriate. What a complete NUT!

  • Rishabh Chauhan says:

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