Monument Valley 2 is Free on the Play Store Right Now

monument valley 2 free featured

If you’re stuck in quarantine and can’t find things to do to spend the time, playing games is one of the best past-times you can have. What’s more, a lot of game developers are making their games free, or offering big discounts on them to help more people access their games.

Monument Valley 2 is one of my all time favourite puzzle games to play on a smartphone, and I have mentioned it multiple times in videos and articles, and now, the developer behind the game has made it free on Android.

The game brings a surreal-looking world to your smartphone screen, and what you have to do for the most part, is solve puzzles by taking advantage of the level’s geometry and finding ways to get around obstacles and reach the exit point for the level. I would recommend playing the games with headphones on because the background score for Monument Valley 2 is excellent, and will definitely transport you to a magical place, far away from the daily woes of quarantined life.

The game is technically a sequel to the widely acclaimed ‘Monument Valley’, but it isn’t related (in terms of the story) to its prequel, so you won’t be missing out on anything if you have never played the original game.

Download Monument Valley 2 from the Play Store (Free; usually ₹400)

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