MIUI 15 Features Leaked; Here’s What the Next-Gen Xiaomi Skin Might Bring!


Xiaomi will be introducing its next-gen skin, MIUI 15 later this year and while there’s ample time for this, its leaks have started surfacing. The latest leak talks about two of its features, which might be introduced. Check out the details below.

MIUI 15 Features Details Surface

A report by XiaomiUI (based on recent code digging) that MIUI 15 will include a volume booster feature, which will be in the form of a new toggle in the Settings menu. This option will allow users to increase the volume by up to 200% for situations when a louder audio output is needed.

Source: XiaomiUI

The feature will help attain an increased volume output while being safe for both the ears and the smartphone’s speakers.

Another feature is an improvement to the clipboard. This new feature will help users copy and paste images and other files to the clipboard apart from texts. This will further enhance the sharing process while copying-pasting and sharing media with others. For those who don’t know, this kind of functionality is already available for Samsung and Pixel phones.

Source: XiaomiUI

While not much is known about the other MIUI 15 features, we expect some new features for performance enhancements, privacy and security, and even accessibility. There might changes to the MIUI design in the form of new widgets and themes.

MIUI 15 is expected to be available for a plethora of Redmi, Xiaomi, and Poco devices but nothing concrete is known as of now. We expect an introduction at the end of this year, most likely with the 2023 Xiaomi flagship phone. Since the launch is still a few months away, we should take the aforementioned details with a grain of salt and wait for official details. So, stay tuned for more information for we will keep you in the loop!

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