MIUI 11 Rollout for Xiaomi, Redmi Phones in India Starts October 22

MIUI 11 india rollout schedule

Alongside the launch of the Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro in India, Xiaomi has also doled out the details for when MIUI 11 will be available for its massive portfolio in India today. The company has revealed that a ‘total of 28 Xiaomi and Redmi phones’ will receive the MIUI 11 update over the next two months.

On stage at the launch event, Xiaomi discussed everything from MIUI 11’s new features (first shown off in China last month) that will be available in India to the rollout schedule. So, let’s tackles this one at a time:

New MIUI 11 Features

First off, Xiaomi has adopted a minimalist approach with MIUI 11. It has toned down its color scheme, introduced a new font called Milan Pro, and introduced the much-awaited dark theme with this update. The Always-on Display has received an overhaul with the MIUI 11 update and now lets you set dynamic clock styles, animated stickers, and well, personalized messages to set your device apart from others.

Xiaomi also talked about how 2 million wallpapers are now being offered to MIUI users using the Wallpaper Carousel features. It has perked up the wallpaper feature and now allows you to set “dynamic video wallpapers.” It could be anything from your gallery as well.

  • Mi Work

MIUI Work portfolio of apps have bagged an upgrade, with the Mi File Explorer will now show you file thumbnails and lets you view them within the app itself. Their document viewer has been updated to let you make minor changes to documents on the fly. Also, Xiaomi has added a “to-do and reminder feature” to its Tasks app and it syncs to your calendar as well. The best part – you can even make voice tasks.

MIUI 11 also updates the native Mi Calculator app, which can now be used in a floating window for improved multitasking. This functionality is also being extended to all your messaging apps (as well as the dialer) with the new Quick Replies feature, so that you could continue playing that game or watching the video without having to log out of the same.

  • Mi Life

Smartphones are a part and parcel of our lives – something we use all the time, so the MIUI 11 update also focused on three Mi Life features. The first is a step tracker that’s easily accessible from the App Vault on the homescreen.

The Mi Calendar app introduces an essential feature for female Xiaomi users. They can track their menstrual cycles using the calendar app, instead of relying on a third-party application or second-guessing when the next cycle starts.

MIUI 11 Rollout Schedule in India

Though we have attached the rollout schedule above, we are working on an additional article to make it simpler for Mi fans to understand when their Xiaomi smartphone will receive the MIUI 11 update. So, stay tuned and return back for more updates.

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