MIUI 11 - less ads and better stability

MIUI 11 Will Let Users Disable Native System Ads With a Toggle

MIUI 11 - less ads and better stability

Often lambasted for an overabundance of ads in its native system apps, Xiaomi’s proprietary Android skin, MIUI, is apparently getting an option to turn off the annoying ‘feature’ in its upcoming release. The much-welcome change was confirmed this week by Xiaomi’s Product Director and MIUI Experience Head on Weibo. According to him, MIUI 11 will have a toggle switch that would allow users to disable all system tool ads. It is currently under development and is expected to be a part of the next major version of the software.

The Weibo post was spotted by tipster, Xiaomishka (@xiaomishka), who promptly tweeted a screenshot of the translation, which seems to show that the company is, indeed, working on the new feature. “In addition to all the optimization known to the enthusiasts, there is a special feature: we have a switch in place – a button to close all MIUI system ads. This feature is being refined and will be distributed to all supported models with the next large stable version”, the Xiaomi executive said.


The development comes weeks after the same executive promised to introduce the feature in a future version of MIUI, saying it will improve the overall experience for users. He also announced that the company will remove the ads that users have been reporting as inappropriate for one reason or another.

Xiaomi has been looking to actively address some of the major criticisms regarding its MIUI interface and towards that end, is believed to be working on reducing some of the bloat that has often been accused of slowing down its phones. That being the case, one would expect MIUI 11 to bring a significantly lighter and relatively ad-free experience to users around the world.

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