Minecraft 1.21 Pre-Release 1 Brings Changes to Portals and Leashable Boats

Leashed boat, Nether portal, ender pearl in an item frame and a strange double door in Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 1
In Short
  • The Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 1 brings changes related to the portals. First, you can enter the portal while riding a horse or a minecart.
  • You can also throw the ender pearl into the portal to teleport inside the other dimension.
  • It's now possible to leash a boat and drag two mobs simultaneously. Lastly, all doors can make a double door regardless of their material.

Finally, the snapshots for the Minecraft 1.21 update are over, and the pre-releases have started showing up. The first in line is the Minecraft 1.21 Pre-Release 1 update that brings some handy changes with it. So without further ado, let’s begin discussing the 1.21 pre-release 1, which mostly brings changes and bug fixes that will change the way you play Minecraft.

1. Player Riding Entities Go Through Portals

Unlike before this change, players riding entities like horses or minecarts can go through the Nether portal or the End portal. This is a pretty big deal, as it’s now possible to make some super amazing roller-coasters and even horse race tracks through different dimensions. The creative community builders will truly have a blast designing these games.

2. Ender Pearls Teleport Players Through Portals

Another massive change related to portals is that the ender pearls can now teleport the players to different dimensions. Simply throw the ender pearl into the portal, and you’ll appear in appropriate locations inside the other dimension. This issue was brought up by Minecraft players before and has finally been fixed.

Teleporting in two different dimensions with an ender pearl

3. Different Materials Form Double Doors

All doors of different materials can now form a double door. Try placing two doors side by side and witness the magic.

4. Leashed Boats

And now, for the final big change, we’ll be discussing from this Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 1 is the feature that was present in the Bedrock edition for a while but wasn’t available for the Java players. That’s right, you can now use a Minecraft lead on a boat. This is just such an important change, and there are multiple reasons for it.

Player moving two villagers in a boat with a lead

Imagine two villagers in one boat, and you need to transport them to a different location. Well, before you had to separate the villagers in different boats or in minecarts, but now you don’t need to waste time with that. Simply leash the boat and drag two villagers at a time. This little parity feature will make it much easier to move villagers, which many players struggle with.

In addition to these changes, the mace has also changed a bit, as its attack speed on Java edition is 0.6. Furthermore, the official Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 1 patch notes included many other bug fixes.

All in all, I’m very happy with these Minecraft 1.21 pre-release 1 changes and cannot believe we’re almost ready to play with the Minecraft 1.21 features. What do you think about these changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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