How to Make a Minecart in Minecraft

In Short
  • To make minecarts in Minecraft you'll need five iron ingots and a crafting table or crafter.
  • Place the ingots in an upside-down iron helmet configuration and you'll make minecarts.
  • You can only find chest minecarts naturally generated in your world.

When you create a new world with a random seed, it’s always uncertain what will await you. So, if you wish to explore the seed, fast transport is crucial in-game. Minecraft provides a lot of options, but sometimes you need to transport not only yourself but another mob as well. The one means of transport that takes care of both the players and mobs is minecarts. You can enter and ride them in your world for a fun time. In this guide, we teach you how to make minecarts in Minecraft.

Resources You Need to Make Minecarts

The minecart crafting recipe is straightforward. To make this transportation medium, you will need 5 iron ingots. Yes, that’s all you need. To obtain them, you can smelt raw iron in a furnace or blast furnace. Raw iron are items dropped when you mine iron ores in your world.

Visit our Minecraft ore distribution guide to find out where these ores are generated. Furthermore, iron ingots themselves are a drop from iron golems. The feature is widely utilized in most iron farm designs, so if you need lots of minecarts, definitely consider making this farm first.

Not to forget, you’ll need to first own a crafting table to make this crafting recipe. It’s a block that’ll allow you to perform complex crafting actions. Moreover, you could just as easily use the Minecraft 1.21 crafter block. It’s fairly similar to a crafting table, but it only supports automated crafting using redstone.

How to Craft a Minecart in Minecraft

When you acquire the iron and the crafting block of your choice, follow the crafting recipe below to make a minecart.

  • First things first, place the crafting table in your world.
  • Then, open the block’s crafting UI by right-clicking on it.
  • Start by placing three iron ingots in the bottommost or the central row of the grid.
Three iron ingots placed in the bottom row of the crafting grid
  • Then, add an ingot above the side ingots above the filled row.
  • In the end, this looks like an upside-down iron helmet recipe.
  • To get the minecart, click on the minecart icon on the right and drag it to your inventory.
Finished recipe for the minecart in Minecraft

If you’re using a crafter, you won’t be able to place the ingots individually. You’ll need to disable the grid slots that won’t be required, connect the crafter to a chest with ingots, and power the block with redstone with a lever, button, or any other power source. Then, the minecart crafting process will be automated.

Where to Find Minecarts in Minecraft

When talking about natural generation, you can only find one variant of minecarts in Minecraft and those are the minecarts with chests. These entities generate in the abandoned mineshafts where they hold loot of this structure. You are free to loot them and then break and take them to your base.

Naturally generated chest minecart in a mineshaft

If you reached the end of this guide, congrats! Now you are equipped with the knowledge of making minecarts in your Minecraft world. Even though there are other transportation options like camels or horses in the game, minecarts are quite useful and also fun to ride. So don’t waste time and make minecarts right away!

Do villagers grow in minecarts?

Yes, minecarts don’t prevent mobs like villagers from growing up.

Is it possible to connect minecarts?

Unfortunately no, you cannot chain minecarts together in Minecraft right now. Though the community has asked for this, so maybe we will see it in the game one day.

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