Microsoft’s SMS Organizer is No Longer Limited to India

microsoft sms organizer

Microsoft has a variety of essential apps for Android and iOS, one of which is SMS Organizer, an app that was limited to India for a long time but has now expanded to other regions like US, UK, and Australia.

Microsoft SMS Organizer is much more than your usul SMS app. It is a feature-rich application that has the potential to replace almost all the SMS apps out there. Once you install the application, the app will sort all the current messages into categories depending on the type of the message, thanks to machine learning algorithms.

The three categories offered by SMS Organizer are Personal, Transactions, and Promotions which are available as tabs that can be accessed from the bottom panel of the app. Also, you won’t be getting annoying notifications of promotional messages when you set SMS Organizer as the default SMS app.

sms organizer ui

Yes, there is a dark mode for the app. You can switch the theme of the app by heading to Settings -> Theme. You will find seven themes namely Classic, Sapphire, Royale, Ocean, Raspberry, Rouge, and Midnight. The only theme with a dark interface is Midnight and hence I chose it as you can see on the above screenshot.

One of the features I liked the most is the account balance history. The app will automatically list all the credits and debits from the bank notification SMS which you usually swipe away. It is pretty cool and makes a difference in real life to keep track of your expenses.

The app also has a lot of other features like starring messages, scheduling messages, reminders, live train tracking, discount coupons for food delivery apps, bill payment, hotels, and so on. You can also backup all your chats to Google Drive which the app prompts upon setting the app up for the first time. However, you won’t be able to send MMS with this one.

So, is SMS Organizer available in your country? Let us know in the comments.

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