Microsoft’s Your Phone App Will Soon Let You Delete Phone’s Photos on the PC Itself

MicroSoft Your Phone website

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is probably one of the most convenient tools for Android phone and Windows PC users. It enables you to sync your phone to the PC, enabling you to see notifications, messages, place/ receive calls, and much more. The app lets you currently view your phone’s photo gallery on the PC as well. Microsoft is looking forward to perk up this feature in the coming months.

As spotted by app reverse engineer @ALumia, the Your Phone app is set to get a very handy feature. It will soon let users not only view but also delete their phone’s photos and videos right from their Windows PCs. A demo for this feature is shown below and the process looks effortless. You just hit the ‘Delete’ button at the top right, confirm the deletion, and voila, the said photo/ video is gone from your phone’s library.

Yeah, Microsoft is trying to make more and more features from your phone accessible via the Your Phone app. Another new feature coming to the app is the ability to pin Your Phone to the taskbar. It will enable you to quickly launch the app instead of a long cold start. The app recently also enabled users to control phone’s media playback from the PC and see the battery and connectivity features right in the Your Phone app.

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