Microsoft To Do Update Rolling out with Task Count and Bug Fixes

Microsoft To Do Update Rolling out with Task Count and Bug Fixes
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Microsoft is rolling out a new update for its productivity app To Do across Windows 10, iOS, and Android. The update primarily focuses on adding new features to the Windows 10 version of the app.

On Windows 10, Microsoft has added task counts next to the completed section in user-created lists. This way, you can easily keep an eye on the number of completed tasks. You also get task count for sections in the Planned smart list.

Meanwhile, the iOS version of To Do has improved the experience while adding tasks from Siri. The company has also fixed bugs that caused issues with the print feature. On the other hand, To Do has enhanced sync on Android.

Take a look at the official changelog of To Do on all platforms below:

  • Windows 10
    • We’ve added a task count beside the completed bucket in user-created lists to help you keep track of your completed tasks.
    • Sections in the Planned smartlist now show the task count in the section title.
    • We’ve fixed a few bugs around keyboard focus and fixed an app crash issue.
  • iOS
    • We fixed some issues in this version to have a smooth experience while adding tasks from Siri.
    • We have fixed some bugs related to print functionality.
  • Android
    • In this release we have made fixes to improve Sync in To Do.

If Microsoft To Do is your favorite app for efficiently managing your tasks, you can download the latest update with all the aforesaid features from the links given below.

Download Microsoft To-Do (Android, iOS, Windows 10)

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  • Dena Singer says:

    My tasks don’t synchronize between my computer and my laptop. I’ve been trying ever since Wunderlist shut down. I’ve put new tasks in both places, and they still won’t synchronize.

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