Marvel’s X-Men ’97 Episode 9 Sets up Onslaught as the Main Villain for Season 2

When we talk about animated superhero flicks, DC has always had the upper hand. However, With the release of X-Men’97, Marvel has successfully created history by creating one of the best animated shows we have ever seen. Episode 9 of X-Men’97 brought back Charles Xavier into the picture along with the revival of Magneto in his villainous avatar. However, this episode might just have set up an extremely powerful villain, Onslaught as the primary villain of X-Men’97 and in this article, find out how.

Who Is Onslaught?

In the aftermath of X-Men#25 “Fatal Attractions” released in 1993, Professor X reached his breaking point after witnessing Magneto ripping out Adamantium from Wolverine’s body. Professor X used his powers to send Magneto into a coma. However, while doing this the rage and hate in Magneto’s mind fused with Professor X’s suppressed dark thoughts giving rise to one of Marvel’s most fearsome villains, Onslaught in Charles Xavier’s mind.

Can Onslaught Be the Main Villain for X-Men’97 Season 2?

Marvel’s X-Men ’97 Episode 9 Sets up Onslaught as the Main Villain for Season 2
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By now we all know that the events that took place in the final scene of X-Men’97 Episode 9 are the same events that led to the creation of Onslaught. If in the next and final episode, we get to see Professor X send Magneto into a coma it’s pretty much confirmed that we are going to see Onslaught as the main villain of X-Men’97 Season 2.

In Marvel comics, when Onslaught was freed and took control of Charles Xavier’s body and mind, he tried to use Xavier’s telepathic powers to make the X-Men launch a militant attack on Humans. Upon failure to do so, he captured Franklin Richards, son of Reed Richards who had the power to see and manipulate reality to bring humanity to doom. However, after witnessing the Age of Apocalypse timeline using Frankiln’s powers, he realized mutants and humans are no different and set out on a mission to bring total annihilation to Earth.

To stop him, The Avengers, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four joined forces to bring Onslaught down but while doing so, all of them died with Logan being the sole survivor. If Marvel brings this story to life in X-Men’97 Season 2, I am pretty sure that this series is going to break all records. With that being said, let’s wait for the final episode of X-Men’97 released on May 15, 2024.

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