How to Make a Creeper Farm in Minecraft

A collective nightmare that the builders in Minecraft have faced for years is exploding Creepers. These hostile mobs appear out of nowhere, sneak up on you, and explode. Their explosions will not only easily kill you but might also diminish the hours of effort you put into building your Minecraft base. Now, keeping their scary side aside for a minute, the Creepers in Minecraft, if killed on time, can be really useful. You can kill the Creepers to collect gunpowder and even music discs. But attacking them is nothing less than an attempt at self-destruction. So, to counter that, we are here with a guide on how to make a creeper farm in Minecraft. This farm allows you to collect all the useful Creeper loot without taking a single point of damage. With that, let’s get started!

Make a Creeper Farm in Minecraft (2022)

A Minecraft Creeper farm is easy to build but requires some planning and repetitive structure building. So, to avoid any confusion, we have divided up the farm into individual sections. Use the table below to find the steps to build each structure separately.

Location to Build Minecraft Creeper Farm

Thanks to major terrain changes in the Minecraft 1.18 update, Creepers now mostly spawn around the caves in Minecraft. So, if your farm is in an area with more caves, it will spawn more Creepers. You can use the spectator mode in Minecraft to easily find a huge cave system in no time. Keeping that in mind, you have three places to make your farm: underwater, inside caves, and in the sky.

Empty Area above ocean

To avoid any extra efforts, we suggest you build out the Creeper farm floating in the sky. However, since the farm requires a lot of building blocks, you can also dig an underground area for the farm while collecting all the building blocks. For this guide, we are creating a Creeper farm at Y=200 world height above the ocean for minimum interference and maximum efficiency.

Items Required to Make a Creeper Farm

You need the following items to make a Creeper farm in Minecraft:

General Items

  • 102 Magma Blocks
  • 18 Solid Blocks
  • 4 Redstone Dust
  • 1 Redstone Block
  • 3 Hoppers
  • 2 Sticky Pistons
  • 2 Comparators
  • 1 Powered Rail
  • 1 Lever
  • 7 Rails
  • 1 Minecart with Hopper
  • 8 Water Buckets

Item List for Every Floor (One Set for Each Floor)

  • 230 Solid Blocks
  • 4 Fence Gates
  • 74 Trapdoors
  • 1 Observer
  • 1 Dispenser
  • 1 Water Bucket

Items for Allay Automation (Optional)

  • 1 Hopper
  • 2 Chests
  • 1 Sculk Sensor
  • 1 Slab
  • 1 Allay (More recommended)

How to Make a Creeper Farm in Minecraft

The design of our Creeper farm is based on the builds by YouTubers Wattles and Shulkercraft. We’ve made some changes to make it more in tune with the features of the Minecraft 1.19 update. You should also feel free to modify it with your own ideas while building.

Killing Area

Follow these steps to make the killing area of the Creeper farm in Minecraft:

1. First, place a magma block in the air. There should be no blocks around it. Though, you might have to place certain temporary blocks to get to that point first.

2. Then, place 9 magma blocks on all sides of the main block. You will end up with an intersecting pathway of sorts in the shape of a cross or a plus sign (+).

3. Now, place magma blocks on either side of the newly created pathways. This will end up creating the shape of a wider plus sign with a 3-block width for each side.

4. After that, put 3 blocks high walls on all sides of the magma platforms. These walls can’t be made of regular glass or non-solid blocks. Though, you can use tinted glass or any solid building blocks.

5. After placing the walls, place a bucket of water in each corner of every row. This will leave only the middle 9 blocks without any water.

Collection Area

Follow these steps to set up an item-collection system for the Creeper farm in Minecraft:

1. First, break the middle block of the structure and then create a hollow 3×3 platform beneath it. There should be a one-block gap between this platform and the main structure. Moreover, this platform should have a hole in the middle.

2. Then, put two chests next to each other on any side of the hollow platform to get a larger chest.

3. After placing the chests, remove the block next to the chest and put a hopper in its place.

4. Then, cover the entire platform with 7 rails and 1 powered rail. After that, place a minecart with a hopper on top of the rails and a lever on the side next to the powered rail.

5. Once you activate the lever, the cart won’t stop moving. But it still needs an initial push to start. For that, you have to place a few temporary blocks next to the platform to stand upon. Then, put a trapdoor on the glass above your head and open it to push you into swimming mode. Finally, you have to go ahead, push the minecart and sneak out.

The Creeper Floor

With the killing and collection system ready, it’s time to spawn the Creepers. For that, follow these steps to create a floor to spawn mobs in the Creeper farm of Minecraft:

1. Go back to the main area and place two building blocks vertically, leaving a one-block gap above the hole. There should be no block right on top or in the hole.

2. Then, place seven building blocks on each side of the topmost block that you just placed. You should again have a single block cross-shaped platform.

3. Then, expand the cross-shaped structure by placing building blocks on either side of the single-block line. You will now get a wider platform.

4. Then, go to each end of the new platform and place a fence gate right next to the middle block. This gate should be floating above the water. Though, you will have to first place a temporary block to put it there.

5. Then, put more blocks in the middle of the Creeper floor and use them to repeat the process and build a copy of the platform you just created. This new platform should also be three blocks wide and cover seven blocks from the middle. And you have to place fence gates at the edges of the new floor as well.

Tower for Creeper Spawning

To make the Creeper farm in Minecraft effective, you should make multiple floors for the mobs to spawn. Expanding on that thought, here’s how to create a tower of floors for spawning Creepers:

1. First, create multiple floors similar to the ones you already have in the section above. Each floor should have a two-block gap from the next floor. We have built four floors in our Creeper farm.

2. Then, revisit each floor and cover every floor’s roof with trapdoors. But make sure none of the trapdoors is open. These trapdoors prevent zombies and skeletons from spawning in your Creeper farm.

3. Then, you have to extend the tinted glass walls all the way up to the topmost floor. But don’t make them taller than the floor of the topmost floor yet.

4. When you reach the final floor, create the same floor plan on its roof as the other floors. Don’t forget to put the trapdoor below the roof’s surface too. Then, use the building blocks to cover it by extending and connecting the structure’s walls. So ultimately, we will have 5 floors, with their bottom’s covered in trapdoors and surrounded by tinted glass walls.

Water Pushing System

At this point, the inside of your farm must be completely dark. So, it’s best to either use Potion of Night Vision or temporary torches while continuing the build. Moreover, hostile mobs might also start spawning inside the farm, so make sure to keep your sword (can also use the best Minecraft sword enchantments on it) handy to kill any creeper. With that said, let’s continue building the Creeper farm in Minecraft:

1. Go back to the bottom-most floor and then break two middle building blocks from the floor above.

2. Then place an observer while looking at the middle block above you.

3. Then, while looking at the observer, place a dispenser right beneath it. After placing it, place a water bucket in the inventory of the dispenser by right-clicking or using the secondary action key. To avoid accidentally spilling the water, you can do this step later on too.

4. Repeat the placement of the observer and dispenser on every floor until all floors, including the topmost floors, are covered.

5. Finally, replace the four blocks on the side of the dispenser with any type of glass block. This will allow water to flow freely while also helping you avoid spawning any other mobs.

Build Redstone Clock

Follow these steps to make your Creeper farm functional in Minecraft:

1. First, go to the roof of your farm. Here, you don’t need to have an observer for your dispenser. Now, place any bright light source to prevent mobs from spawning on the farm’s roof. We are using Minecraft Froglights, but you can also go with torches.

2. Next, put a block on top of the roof’s dispenser and place two rows of 6 blocks right next to it on any side.

4. Then, use a temporary block to put two hoppers facing each other on the far side of this platform. Check out the screenshot below for its placement:

5. Then, put a comparator alongside a solid block on the back of each hopper. These comparators should be facing away from the hoppers.

6. Then, put a sticky piston on the side of each comparator with Redstone dust behind the pistons. The sticky pistons should be facing each other.

7. Finally, put a piece of Redstone dust on top of the block right above the dispenser. Then, place a Redstone block in front of one of the sticky pistons. With that, your Redstone clock is ready.

8. To activate the clock, place a few copies of any block in the hopper. If there are more blocks, the clock will repeat its cycle slowly. Once you have fed the hopper, the cycle will begin. The dispensers will release water to push Creepers off the floor, and then they will retract the water allowing more Creepers to spawn.

How to Make Gunpowder Farm With Allay

At this point, your Creeper farm is ready to be used in Minecraft. But unfortunately, it collects gunpowder, music discs, and at times, even loot from spiders. However, if you want to only collect Gunpowder, you can do so with the help of an Allay. Here’s how.

1. First, create a small platform on any side of the Magma floor.

2. Then, break two tinted glass blocks. One in front of the middle block platform and one right above that block.

3. Then, place two chests in front of the bottom broken block, replacing the blocks in the platform. After that, place a hopper pointed to the chest in the place of the bottom tinted glass block.

4. Then, place a note block on top of the chest with a Sculk sensor right behind it.

5. Finally, put a few Allays inside the Magma floor and hand them gunpowder. Then, remove the water from that floor and seal off the existing hole in the middle of the floor. The Allays will collect the gunpowder and bring them to the chest next to the note block, thus, further automating your Creeper farm build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which biome is best for a creeper farm?

The area above the oceans is the best place to create a creeper farm. Other hostile mobs can’t spawn inside the water, increasing your farm’s efficiency.

How do you make a Creeper farm without cats?

Creepers are naturally afraid of cats in Minecraft. They run away from them. But you don’t need them to make a Creeper farm. Instead, you can use our guide to create a Creeper farm that relies on water rather than cats.

How do you spider-proof a Creeper farm?

Even though it’s usually unnecessary, you can stop spawning the spiders by turning three block-wide pathways in our build into two block-wide pathways. But it will also reduce the spawn area of Creepers, forcing you to make more floors to gain lost productivity.

Which is the best place to go AFK on a Creeper farm?

If you want to be AFK while the Creepers are spawning, it’s best to stay on the roof of the farm. Though, you should make a shelter to avoid lightning strikes and Minecraft mobs like the phantom.

My Allay is not connecting to the note block

Certain solid blocks can prevent the signals from the note block to reach the Allay. To fix that, you just have to use a slab instead of the solid block that is blocking the note block.

Easily Make a Creeper Farm in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to unleash a realm of destruction but collect tons of gunpowder with your Creeper farm in Minecraft. On the first try, this farm can feel a bit overwhelming. But once you understand the design, you will realize that it relies a lot on repetition. Thanks to that, you can use the fill command in Minecraft to speed up your process. However, if you are creating this without any cheats, we would suggest getting a Potion of Slow Falling while you are in the air. Moreover, you should wear enchanted armor to avoid dying from untimely Creeper spawning. Having said that, where are you going to make your Creeper farm in Minecraft?

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