How to Make a Copper Trapdoor in Minecraft 1.21

Alongside the new trial chambers, the Minecraft 1.21 update introduces several different tuff and copper building blocks. Among them is a gorgeous new metal trapdoor — the copper trapdoor. Its design is pretty industrial-looking and can fit into most builds perfectly. So, this tutorial will show you how to make the copper trapdoor in Minecraft.

Items You Need to Make a Copper Trapdoor

The crafting recipe for the copper trapdoor requires the following resources:

How to Craft a Copper Trapdoor

After you collect the required resources, follow the steps below to make copper trapdoors.

  • Place the crafting table and right-click on it.
  • Take the copper ingots and fill two adjacent rows with them.
  • This recipe yields two metal trapdoors, which you can move to your inventory.
Copper trapdoor crafting recipe in Minecraft 1.21

Where to Find Copper Trapdoors

Just like copper doors, copper trapdoors generate naturally inside trial chambers. They are underground structures filled with trial spawners that spawn mobs from four categories. If you are struggling to find trial chambers, our linked guide will help you out.

A trip to the trial chambers does require you to be geared up, otherwise you probably won’t get out of there alive. Unlike doors, however, copper trapdoors are far more common and appear in various rooms. So, trial chambers are a pretty reliable source of copper trapdoors if you can’t craft them.

Copper trapdoors behave like wooden trapdoors, so no redstone signal is required to open or close them. Also, they oxidize over time and have four different textures for four oxidation stages. If you want to preserve the appearance of the copper trapdoor, use honeycomb to wax it. Though, if you’d to revert the stage or just remove the honeycomb layer, use an axe on this block.

And that’s everything you need to know about crafting copper trapdoors in Minecraft. Not only do these blocks fit well in industrial builds but can also make quite a smooth gradient from orange to green.

Speaking of which, what copper trapdoor texture is your favorite? Tell us in the comment sections below!

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