Keanu Reeves Confirmed to Voice Shadow in Sonic 3 Movie

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In Short
  • Sonic 3 will arrive on the big screens on December 20, 2024.
  • The film will introduce us to Shadow, one of the biggest rivals of Sonic.
  • Keanu Reeves will lend his voice to the popular character.

Sonic The Hedgehog is a massive franchise that has previously brought a plethora of characters from video games to the big screen. One such character named Shadow made an appearance in the post-credit scenes of Sonic The Hedgehog 2. It was just a small cameo, so we did not get a chance to hear his voice, but now, finally, we know which actor will be lending his voice to the ultra-important character of the media property. Well, it’s none other than the fan-favorite actor, Keanu Reeves.

Reeves gained worldwide popularity after his Matrix movies and, recently, by becoming the legendary hitman John Wick from the film franchise of the same name. Given his fame, it’s no wonder he is getting cast by another franchise with a vast fanbase. Furthermore, his involvement in Sonic 3 seems intriguing to us, as he will be seen as one of the most significant characters in the franchise.

For the unacquainted, Reeves’s on-screen animated character, Shadow, is sort of an anti-hero. He is also one of the biggest rivals to our Blue Hedgehog, Sonic.

The actor will join the cast alongside the recurring voice actors, including Tika Sumpter, Lee Majdoub, Idris Elba, Ben Schwartz, and more. Jorma Taccone, Sofia Pernas, and James Wolk will also be seen in the movie.

Also, this is not the first time Reeves has been doing a voiceover, as he had previously given his voice to some popular animated characters before moving ahead with Sonic 3. For instance, we saw him as Batman in the DC League of Super-Pets, which was released in 2022. Besides that, he has also performed in Toy Story 4 as Duke Caboom. That being said, now that he has another massive voice-acting project in hand, we can expect to see more of his spectacular talent in the upcoming years.

The Sonic movie franchise is already top-rated because it boasts an incredible story and a fantastic cast, including Jim Carrey and Idris Elba. But now, after the involvement of Keanu Reeves, the franchise will surely reach new heights.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 will be released in theatres on December 20, 2024.

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