This iPhone Case Uses Origami-Style Folds to Add a Stand to Your Device

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Smartphones have become our go-to device to consume content, be it watching movies or shows or videos on YouTube. However, holding a smartphone up for long hours to watch something can be tiring. Well, that’s the reason different accessories like PopSockets or iRing have become really popular. However, these accessories are likely to add more bulk to your smartphone which are already bulky if you’ve a case installed. Well, this is a problem that the new Skiiga Chi case aims to solve.

Well, the Skiiga Chi case for the iPhone X/XS and the XR is a unique case that uses origami-like design to make your device stand in any desired position. You can keep your device in a landscape or portrait position or elevate the screen a little from the surface.

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The Skiiga Chi case comes with a double-layered magnetic flip material at the back. This material folds out of the case to create a stand for the device. The upper layer features pre-made creases where the material folds to create the stand. These creases are designed in an origami-style pattern. If you don’t know what Origami is, it is a Japanese art form of folding paper to create unique figures and designs.

Origami fox
Example of Origami

Unlike other TPU cases, this one features a canvas-like material at the back. The vinyl-coated fabric is “waterproof for life”, according to the company.

To protect the screen and the camera, there are raised lips around them. The inside of the case is made with a micro-fibre material to prevent scratches on your device. The frame of the case features shock-absorbent materials for drop protection.

The case is available at a discounted price in Amazon. So go and check it out here.

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