iOS 11.2 Beta 6: What’s New?

iOS 11.2 Beta 6 Developers

Apple’s significant iOS 11.2 update is just around the corner for everybody, as the company just started seeding the sixth beta of the update to developers and public beta testers. This comes just days after the fifth beta was made available, and a month after the release of iOS 11.1. Although there are barely any changes in the latest beta, the iOS 11.2 itself on its own brings some noticeable improvements to enhance the user experience. If you’ve already lost your patience and want to try out the update first-hand, make sure you sign up for Apple’s Beta software program. However, if you’re fine waiting for the release of the stable version, here’s a look at all the major changes in iOS 11.2:

  • Fast Wireless Charging – If you have the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus or the iPhone X, you’ll now be able to charge significantly faster using wireless chargers that support 7.5W charging or more.
  • Apple Pay Cash – This is Apple’s new peer-to-peer payment service that lets you send or receive money between your contacts. It makes use of Apple’s iMessage app for money transfers.
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X wallpapers – Wallpapers that were used for marketing Apple’s newest flagships will now be available on older iPhones as well.
  • Feedback app – There was a Feedback app in the previous beta versions of iOS 11.2, but now it has been taken away, giving a clear indication that iOS 11.2 is being finalized.
  • Calculator Bug – The recent calculator bug that resulted due to slow animation and annoyed a lot of users has now been fixed
  • iPhone X Live Wallpapers – With the iOS 11.2 update, you’ll have six more Live wallpapers to play around with. Additionally, there are seven other dynamic wallpapers as well.
  • Introductory Pricing – The new iOS 11.2 update will let developers offer introductory pricing for subscription-based apps.
  • Control Center Explained – Toggling Bluetooth/Wi-Fi now displays a informational message at the top of the Control Center to confirm that the operating system simply disables Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections instead of turning it off completely.
  • Control Center Indicator – If you’re an iPhone X owner, you’ll notice a new Control Center indicator while you’re in the lockscreen. This is only to denote that it has been moved up to the top-right corner. The indicator disappears once you’re in the home screen.
  • Emoji Tweaks – Yes, a few emojis now have a new art. It’s nothing significant, but you’ll probably notice the minor change.

Well, we’re glad that we could list out all the changes and fixes that Apple has made with the new iOS 11.2 update. Considering the company has removed the Feedback app from the sixth beta, we think we’re inching closer to the final release. I won’t be surprised if the update is made available to everyone as early as next. So, are you excited to try out iOS 11.2? Do let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below.

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