Instagram’s New Sticker Lets You Invite People to Join a Group Chat

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Of all the Facebook-owned apps that copied Snapchat’s Stories feature, Instagram Stories are the only one that actually caught on, and the company has been adding new stickers and features to Instagram Stories to keep them interesting and give users more ways of interacting with their followers, and sharing moments from their lives with them.

After introducing stickers for Q&As, Polls, and more, Instagram has now added a sticker that lets users invite their followers to join a group chat. Don’t worry though, if you use this sticker, you’ll still get to decide whether or not to accept someone into the chat before they can be a part of it.

Using the group chat sticker is fairly straightforward. When you’re editing your Instagram Story, simply tap on the Stickers icon, and select the “Chat” sticker.

Instagram’s New Sticker Lets You Invite People to Join a Group Chat

You can then choose a name for the Group Chat that will be created for people to join, and that’s it. You can then post your story, and your followers will be able to send requests to join the group chat.

This feature can come in handy if you’re trying to plan out something like a group vacation, or a  trip out of town with your friends and family – it will automatically let you know who all are interested in joining the trip anyway (because only those people will request to join the chat, most probably), and you can then proceed with discussions for the trip, or whatever else it is you’re trying to discuss.

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