These Incredible Photos Were Shot and Edited Solely on an iPhone

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The Pixel 2 may be the best camera phone out there (getting better with the Visual Core chip by the way), but iPhones have long held a position of high respect among photographers, and for good reason. After all, iPhones have handled photography rather well, and are preferred by countless professional photographers around the world.

Take Robert Jahns for example. This guy has a special interest in photo manipulation, and he does it very well to say the least. Jahns shoots and edits entirely on the iPhone, and comes up with some really jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, laws-of-nature-defying images.

I could go on and on, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking here:

Jahns uploads his photography on his Instagram page and has now even started exhibiting and selling his work. Great going, Jahns.

As with most things that are crafted out of pure love for what you’re doing, Jahns was a hobbyist photographer who just took pictures on vacations. The hobby has now turned into an online presence of epic proportions, with his Instagram page accumulating a whopping 1.1 million followers.

My personal favourite picture (it’s honestly difficult to choose) from Jahns’s Instagram feed is this epic picture of the Taj Mahal with lanterns floating in water in front of it. It immediately caught my attention.

These Incredible Photos Were Shot and Edited Solely on an iPhone

I recommend you take a scroll through his Instagram page, and check out his website (if you want to buy prints of his photography), and also let me know about your favourite Robert Jahns picture.

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