Icecream Video Converter: One-Stop Solution for All Your Video Conversion Needs

icecream video converter

There are times when you try uploading a video online and get an error saying “Format not supported“. Well, then begins your hunt for an easy to use and handy video converter. And the internet is flooded with dozens of video converter tools, but most of them are either bogged down with ads, offer sluggish conversion speeds, limit the number of conversions, or try to force a subscription down your throat. Now, if you want to avoid all that, we have the perfect solution right here for you. Meet Icecream Video Converter, which will become your one-stop solution for all your video conversion needs once you go through this article. So let’s not waste more time and check out the best features of the Icecream Video Converter.

Icecream Video Converter: Features Overview

Note: Icecream Video Converter is supported on all major versions of Windows, i.e. Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. So you can even run this video conversion tool on your old laptop or office PC.

Free of Charge, No Ads

Before we delve into the feature set, one thing that will make Icecream Video Converter stand out to creators is its cost. The Icecream Video Converter is available free of cost, with no hidden charges or subscriptions. Yeah, this is a 100% free video converter for Windows PCs. It further sweetens the pot with no ads, no limits on video conversions, and much more.

Also, you don’t even have to worry about your converted videos being watermarked. Icecream Video Converter doesn’t add watermarks on output videos, which is amazing.

Simplistic and Easy UI

Starting with how the software looks and feels, Icecream Video Converter offers users a no-frills, easy to use, and clean interface. On booting up the tool, you will find the “Add file” button at the top left, the different conversion formats, along with the save location, at the bottom left, and the “Convert” button on the bottom right. So all you need to do is select a video, choose the format (all supported formats listed below) to which you want to convert the video, and press the “Convert” button. That’s how easy it is.

  • simple and clean UI
  • dark mode in video converter

Apart from the light theme, you can head into the settings and activate the dark theme, which makes the pink branding of the Icecream Video Converter shine brighter. This makes the UI easy on the eyes, and you can convert many videos without much strain. You can choose to drag and drop videos into the converter as well.

Batch Video Conversion

Next, one of the highlights of the Icecream Video Converter is the fact that it supports batch video conversion. That means you can add an unlimited number of videos to this tool and convert them to the desired format in bulk. You don’t need to spend time uploading videos one by one and converting them. You can simply select all the videos you wish to convert, start the process, and then go do some chores or other work in the meantime.

batch conversion

While testing the Icecream Video Converter, I added more than 50 videos to the queue from my Apex Legends clips library and could set them to convert to a certain format, with or without audio, from the software with ease.

Output Formats and Presets

Another important talking point when it comes to video converting tools is the number of formats. Icecream Video Converter supports all the popular video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, WMV, MOV, M4V, MPG, M2TS, MTS, and others. You can select the output format and desired resolution for each video clip in this software.

  • icecream video converter - formats
  • Icecream Video Converter: One-Stop Solution for All Your Video Conversion Needs

Moreover, there’s even an option to change the quality of the output, which would let you compress videos. It is an added bonus for users as they get a video compression tool built into Icecream’s app here. Not just that, if you are unsure about the format and resolution, Icecream Video Converter also includes dedicated smartphone and web presets. They can help you choose the right output settings easily.

Fast Conversion Speed

Wondering how fast the Icecream Video Converter can change your videos from one format to another? Well, in my brief testing over this week, I was surprised to see that the video converter delivered blazing fast conversion speeds. As shown in the screenshot below, I’m converting a 3-minute 1080p MP4 video (1GB in size) to the AVI format, and the software takes only around 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete it. Isn’t that just awesome?

fast conversion

Imagine how handy this tool will be when you have to convert video files in bulk. You can get your videos ready for use within minutes and complete your edits or uploads without delay.

Advanced Features

Now, the goodness doesn’t just end there. Icecream Video Converter has even more features in store for you. Yeah, apart from the standard features we discussed above, you also get advanced features such as video trimming, MP3 conversion, the ability to mute audio in videos or convert it into an MP3 file, conversion history, and a whole lot more.

  • trim videos - icecream video converter
  • add watermark to videos

We have shown a couple of these advanced features in action in the screenshots attached above. You can trim videos quickly and then convert them to your desired format using the Icecream Video Converter. Not just that, you can even add a watermark of your own before converting the video. Moreover, removing audio from a video or converting the video to an audio file is just a click of a button away too.

Icecream Video Converter: Free Video Converter for Windows

So yeah, at the end of the day, you are getting more than you asked for with the Icecream Video Converter. It not only lets you convert all your video files swiftly, but also brings several additional tools to offer a complete experience. And this is made accessible and easy to use by the simple UI that no one would have any trouble wrapping their heads around. Icecream Video Converter essentially ends your search for the perfect video converter tool, so go ahead and check it out from the link below. And do share your feedback with us in the comments below.

Download Icecream Video Converter

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