Reaction Time test feat.

This “Human Benchmarking” Tool Will Tell Your Reaction Time

Reaction Time test feat.

To evaluate something by comparison with a standard, that is the definition of “benchmarking”. We often hear the term in the tech world in the context of GPUs or CPUs from hardware-manufacturing companies. However, apart from those Geekbench or AnTuTu benchmarking tests, there are many other tests available to compare your abilities with a standard value. So, in this piece, I am going to tell you about one of the “human benchmarking” tests that will tell you how fast you react.

So, the name of the website is pretty self-explanatory as its Now, on this website, there is the “Reaction Time Test”, which is essentially a tool to benchmark your reaction time, score your performance, and compare it with a standard value.

How Does It Work?

Now, the way it works is quite simple. When you open the website, you will see the big heading “Reaction Time Test” written inside a blue rectangular box.

You start by clicking anywhere inside the blue box. As soon as you click inside the box, it will turn red. Now, you really have to focus as your task is to click the mouse button again immediately when the box turns green, and it can happen anytime!

Based on your mouse click, the tool can measure how much time you took to click the button after the screen turned green. The time is measured in milliseconds (ms) and the average time, according to all the data the system collected over the years, is 284 milliseconds.

So, you can try the test five times and see if your average score is less or more than the average. In this case, the lesser the score is, the higher is your response time.

Does Hardware Matter?

Now, keep in mind, as this tool is dependent on computer hardware, your peripherals might affect your score more than you might think. Factors like the screen refresh rate of your display panel and the latency of your mouse can change your score drastically.

So, say you have a mouse like the Logitech G502 with just 1ms of latency rate, which was recently launched in India, and a monitor like the Samsung Odyssey with a 240Hz WQHD display, your score will increase by many folds.

Who Is It For?

Now, for general users, it is just a fun tool to benchmark the reaction times and compare them with an average number. However, this test is actually useful for gamers to check their time of reactions, as in competitive games like Valorant or Apex Legends, gamers need to have the ability to respond at lightning-fast speeds.

So, if you are a gamer, even a casual one, or anyone for that matter, you can check your reaction time right here.

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