How to Use Storm Flip in Fortnite

In Short
  • Storm Flip is one of the recently unvaulted items in the Fortnite OG season. It was first added to the game in Season 9.
  • You can find the item anywhere on the map, from chests, floor loot, or supply drop.
  • When used outside the storm, it creates a pocket of storm, damaging players. When used inside the storm, it protects the player from Storm damage.

Fortnite regularly vaults and unvaults weapons and items to keep the game fresh and to give long-time fans and newcomers a chance to enjoy them. Storm Flip is one such item in Fortnite that was recently unvaulted; a throwable that can be super helpful during intense fights. However, if you’ve never used this item before, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we discuss Storm Flip’s location, properties, and how to use it in Fortnite.

What Is a Storm Flip?

A player using the Storm Flip in-game

In season nine of Fortnite, the developers introduced a brand-new throwable item to the game that interacted with the island storm in a rather unique way. They named it Storm Flip, which is a fitting title for an item like this.

It’s a black bottle that holds a purple storm inside, which players can throw. If players use the item inside a storm, it will protect them from damage for a limited amount of time. Think of it as a heat shield in Apex Legends, except it has functionality outside the storm, in the safe zone, too.

There’s no story lore behind this item, much like most items added into Fortnite. It’s just lightning in the bottle, protecting you (or damaging other players) in specific situations. Hence, this makes it an extremely situational item in Fortnite.

Where to Find Storm Flip in Fortnite?

Much like most epic items in-game, you will need to find and pick up a bottle of Storm Flip in Fortnite. It doesn’t come with you in your inventory. So now, for those wondering, there are three ways to get Storm Flip in Fortnite:

  • Numerous chests in-game
  • As floor loot
  • From supply drops in the OG update

Finally, if a player is carrying Storm Flip with them, you can always take them out and loot their drops to secure one.

A thing to remember is that you can only stack one Storm Flip per inventory slot. You cannot stack up multiple, as having multiple quantities of this item will make you overpowered, unbalancing the game experience.

How to Use Storm Flip Item In-Game

If you have a Storm Flip and you are clueless about how to use this item in Fortnite, there are two ways to go about it:

Create Storm in a Safe Zone

If you’re not in the storm and use the Storm Flip item, it will act like a grenade. The Storm Flip will create a small area that grows over time and deals damage equal to the damage dealt by the actual storm.

So, if you use it in the first storm close, it won’t be as effective. But, if you use it in the final phase, it will deal the exact amount of damage as the storm. Furthermore, it cannot protect you from a storm called through the item.

Fortnite Storm Flip

Create a Safe Zone in Storm

If you have the item in your inventory and you get stuck in a storm, throw it near you on the ground and Storm Flip will then create a bubble that will protect you from the storm for a limited amount of time.

Storm Flip inside the storm

This bubble negates the damage from the storm and ultimately prevents your demise. You can then heal yourself and your teammates before running to the safe zone.

And this is how you use Storm Flip in Fortnite, a weapon so situational that you probably won’t get to use it if you are quick at your feet. But, you never know when you will get stuck in the storm. And when that happens, remember that Storm Flip exists to protect you in such situations.

Have you tried out this item in-game yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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