How to Use Facebook Messenger’s Secret Conversations

Facebook recently rolled out its brand new feature for Messenger dubbed “Secret Conversations”. The new feature should please security enthusiasts, as Secret Conversations in Facebook Messenger are end-to-end encrypted, which means messages in this mode can’t be read by anyone including Facebook and intelligence agencies. Facebook owned WhatsApp Messenger recently rolled out end-to-end encrypted in its app, so it’s no surprise that the company has introduced it for its Messenger app, albeit in a different way.

The Secret Conversations feature has rolled out to the 900 million Facebook Messenger users but it’s still somewhat unknown among users, surprisingly. Along with encryption, the feature also includes some cool features like self-destructing messages, so yes, it’s certainly a cool new addition to Messenger. If that sounds interesting, here’s how to use secret conversations in Messenger on iOS or Android:

Note: Secret Conversations is only available in the Facebook Messenger app on Android and iOS and not on Facebook or Messenger’s web portals. Also, the messages sent in Secret Conversations will not be visible in any other device or Facebook’s web versions.

1. First, you will have to enable Secret Conversations in the Messenger app. To do it, go to the Profile tab in the app, scroll down and tap on the “Secret Conversations” option. Here, just enable the toggle.


2. Once done, just tap on the new message icon on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. In the next page, just tap on top right icon, which is a lock icon on Android and a “Secret” button on iPhone.


3. Then, search for the contact you want to have the secret conversation with. You can only have secret conversations with people that are in your friend list.


4. The Secret Conversation should then start up and you can start sending text messages, pictures, stickers, emojis and location.


Sadly, you cannot send videos, GIFs or make voice and video calls in Secret Conversations. Also, there’s no way to have secret group chats, as of now.

In Secret Conversations, you can also set a timer on your messages. You can just hit the timer icon and select the time (from 30 seconds to a day) after which you want the messages to self-destruct. For instance, you’ve set the timer to a minute, in that case, the messages will destruct from your device after a minute, while the timer will only be set off on the recipient’s device after they’ve seen the message.


Along with the end-to-end encryption, self-destructing messages, the feature also brings discreet notifications, which means the notifications for these messages arrive as “Someone has sent you a message”.

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Send Self-Destructing Messages with Facebook Messenger’s Secret Conversations

Well, that is all there is when it comes to using Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger but we’ll update this post when Facebook brings new updates to the feature. So, try out Secret Conversations in the Messenger app and do let us know how you like it. Sound off in the comments section below.

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