How to Use Chain Attacks in Zenless Zone Zero

In Short
  • Chain attacks are a special combo between all the Agents and Bangboo in the party.
  • You need to hit a stunned enemy with a heavy attack to initiate the Chain attack sequence in ZZZ.
  • Chain Attacks deal massive damage to enemies, and are great in DPS downing bosses and enemies.

Zenless Zone Zero has the best combat system out of all Hoyoverse games, and it is very different from the combat system in Genshin Impact. The ZZZ combat system features impactful move sets with attack combos, dodge counters, assists, and chain attacks. The Chain Attacks mechanic is unique to Zenless Zone Zero and has a huge part in making the combat feel good. Here is a complete guide on how to best use Chain Attacks in Zenless Zone Zero.

What Are Chain Attacks in Zenless Zone Zero

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If there are two or more Agents in your squad, hitting a Stunned enemy with a Heavy Attack will trigger a Chain Attack. When the Chain Attack is triggered, players can swap between the characters in the party and the combat Bangboo, to deal massive damage to the enemy.

Chain Attacks can link more than twice on bosses and are the best source of damage output in the game. When in the Chain Attack phase, players get to choose which character or Bangboo they want to use in the next strike, but within a limited time period. Every agent has a different Chain Attack ability, so picking the correct agents for the enemy is the best way to deal the most damage.

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Swapping to your Bangboo in the chain attack gives an additional chain attack turn as the Bangboo is always followed by another agent’s chain attack automatically. Also, doing Chain Attacks provides Assist Points, which can be consumed to initiate Assists in combat. Check out the best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero that you should use.

How to Use Chain Attacks in Zenless Zone Zero

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Chain attacks are triggered when hitting stunned enemies. To stun an enemy in Zenless Zone Zero, you must build up their Daze meter to the maximum using basic, special, ex-special, dodge counters, dash, assists, or ultimate attacks.

The quickest way to build up Daze on an enemy is using Impact Agents and Defensive Assists. Impact Agents specialize in stunning enemies quickly with hard-hitting attacks. Most of the Defensive Assists of Agents also deal increased Daze buildup on enemies, so make sure to use those Assist points effectively.

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After you have stunned the enemy, hit them with a heavy attack to initiate the Chain Attack. During the Chain Attack, you need to quickly pick the next character in the chain sequence before the timer count ends.

So, that’s everything on Chain Attacks in Zenless Zone Zero. If you have any further questions on this topic, ask us in the comment section and we will try to help you out.

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