Zenless Zone Zero: Special and Ex-Special Attacks Explained

In Short
  • Special attacks are Character Skills in Zenless Zone Zero and they don't have any Cool Down time.
  • Ex-Special attacks are enhanced Special Attacks which agents can use by consuming energy.
  • The Ex-Special attack is stronger and much more effective compared to Special Attacks.

Zenless Zone Zero has one of the best combat systems, but it can be equally confusing. New players have likely come across the term Special and Ex-Special attacks in the game. These are the equivalent of character Skill in Zenless Zone Zero, but with a slight twist. Here is a complete guide on what Special and Ex-Special attacks are in Zenless Zone Zero, and how to use them effectively.

What Are Special Attacks in Zenless Zone Zero

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Special Attacks are the equivalent of character “Skills” in Zenless Zone Zero, and they also use the same button as the other Hoyoverse games. Every Agent has a different Special Attack, and some of the special attacks can combo with the Basic Attacks to deal more damage.

For example, Koleda can use her Special attack after two Basic Attacks to create a big explosion, dealing small AoE Fire damage. Similarly, other agents also have combos that connect their Basic Attack to Special attacks.

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Unlike skills in Genshin Impact, the Special attack in Zenless Zone Zero don’t have cool down time. Agents can use Special attacks anytime they want and even spam them, although the agent must finish the special attack animation to start the next attack.

What Are Ex-Special Attacks in Zenless Zone Zero

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Ex-Special attacks are basically enhanced skills that every agent in Zenless Zone Zero has in their kit. The Ex-Special attacks are stronger versions of the Special attack and they also have stronger combos. The Special Attack becomes Ex-Special attack when an agent builds up enough energy.

Every character in Zenless Zone Zero has an energy bar, which fills up by hitting enemies with basic attacks, dodge counters, and dash attacks. The energy bar is located right below the Agent’s health bar and has a threshold mark.


Once the collected energy goes over the threshold bar, the Special Attack icon changes to the Ex-Special Attack icon. Using Ex-Special attacks consumes energy, so agents must consistently use basic attacks and combo them correctly with Ex-special attacks to deal the most damage.

As long as the Energy is past the threshold bar, the agent can do as many Ex-Special Attack as they want. The Ex-Special attacks are also one of the main damage source for most Agents. Also, every character has a different Ex-Special attack threshold.

How to Use Special and Ex-Special Attacks in Zenless Zone Zero

Normally, you must always prioritize using the Agent’s Ex-Special attackto get the best out of their kit. To do that, you must consistently generate energy through Basic attacks, Dash Attacks or Dodge Counters. Using normal Special attacks neither generates or uses energy, so it is best to avoid using it in most cases as it will slow your energy buildup.

The Ex-Special Attacks can also combo separately from Special attacks. For example, Koleda gains the Furnace Fire effect after using her Ex-Special attack, which makes her next set of Basic attack combo deal fire damage.

So, that’s it. If you have any further questions about Special Attacks or Ex-Special attacks, ask us in the comment section below and we will try to answer you.

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