How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android (Guide)

So you’ve decided to make the switch from an iPhone to an Android device, and for the most part, it all looks good. However, one of the biggest issues with switching operating systems on smartphones, is the loss of valuable data when you move from one device to another. Personally, my contacts are among the most important data I have on my iPhone, and I would hate to lose them. After all, we predominantly use our smartphones as just that- a phone; and without the contacts, it’s basically useless. So, if you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android device, and would like to ensure that your contacts get transferred to your Android device without any glitch, then you’re at the right place.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can use to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to your new Android device:

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Using iCloud

If you’re using an iPhone, you obviously have an Apple ID, as well. This method uses the fact that the iPhone automatically syncs your contacts with your iCloud account, to ensure that when you change iPhones, your contacts are all there, waiting for you. The problem, then, is that you’re not switching to a new iPhone; you’re switching to an Android device. Well, there is a way you can transfer all your contacts from iCloud to your Android device.

NoteYou will need to have a Google account for this method. If you don’t have one, yet, go and get one, it’s free. Plus, you will need it on your Android device, anyway.

I’ll walk you through the process, step by step, and you can follow along to get your iPhone contacts on your Android device, as well:

1. Go to iCloud on your web browser, and sign in with your Apple ID. Once you’re logged in, click on Contacts.

transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

2. iCloud will display all of your contacts. If you only want to transfer some of your contacts over to Android, then select them by pressing Ctrl (Cmd on Mac). I’ll show you how to transfer all the contacts. Simply click on the “settings” icon, on the bottom left of the screen, and click on “Select All“. After that, click on the “settings” icon, again, and click on “Export as vCard”.

3. Your browser will now download a vCard containing all of your contacts. Keep this safe.

4. Next, head over to Google Contacts, and log in with your Google ID. In the top menu, click on “More -> Import“.

5. Upload the vCard file you downloaded from iCloud, and click on Import.

Your contacts will now be imported to your Google Account. You can simply sign in with your Google account, on your Android device, and your contacts will begin syncing. Problem solved.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Using Third Party Apps

If the method mentioned above does not work for you, you can try using third party apps to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. My Contacts Backup is a great third party app that allows users to export their iPhone contacts as a vCard, and email it to themselves, or anyone else, for that matter. We can then use this vCard file to import the contacts into our Google account. So, follow the steps below:

1. Install My Contacts Backup, from the App Store. Once done, launch the app, and allow it to access your contacts. Next, tap on the Backup button. Once the backup is complete, the button changes to “Email“, tap on it, and you can send the vCard as an attachment to any email that you want.

2. Simply fill in your own email address, and send it. Once you receive the email, simply open it in your computer, and download the vCard. Then, go to Google Contacts, and import the vCard to your Google account.

Now your contacts will get synced to your Android device, when you sign in using your Google account.

There are some apps that offer direct transfer of contacts using the cloud, but I have not mentioned them in this article, because they do not mention where your contacts are uploaded to, and how you can ensure that your personal data is not being stolen by anyone. As such, I would recommend never to upload your data on any server, unless you have access to that data, and can delete it anytime you want to.

NoteThe My Contacts Backup app’s free version only supports up to 500 contacts, and you will need to purchase the Pro version (~$2) to transfer an unlimited number of contacts.

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Easily Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Using These Methods

Now that you know how you can transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android, go ahead and make that switch you’ve been wanting to make for all this time. If you have any queries, or any doubts regarding the steps mentioned in this article, do let us know. Also, if you are aware of another easy method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android that deserves to be on this list, make sure you drop us a line in the comments section below.

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